Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Cure for the Bachelor Pad Blues

You feel like you are stuck in that bad episode from “Sex and the City” where Carrie spends the night in the Mecca of bachelor pads. You love your Louboutin’s, but they don’t like sleepovers in your boyfriend’s shoe closet. You just don’t get it -- he looks the part, but he just doesn’t add up in the bedroom…furniture wise that is!

“Most bachelors - of course not all - are about functionality and practicality, not about color, texture and things that you might think are design fabulous,” says Samantha Knapp, Interior Designer, TigerLily’s Greenwich. “Pick items that complement not alienate his taste.”

Here are a few ways design suggestion to help your boy-toy improve his bedroom furniture without totally alienating his masculinity.
The Over-sized Plasma

Diamond Sofa 71 Inch Low Profile Plasma Cabinet from the Arctic Collection - BlackSeventy-one inches…nothing you can’t handle. When picking an entertainment set for that mammoth screen look for something simple. The Diamond Sofa 71 Inch Low Profile Plasma Cabinet from the Arctic Collection, which ships for free, brings a distinctive contemporary flair to its environment. With its sculpted three dimensional fronts, Black High Gloss Lacquer Finish, ample storage behind the Two Door design and polished stainless steel base, this piece will certainly inspire a new atmosphere in its environment. he added glass door feature makes for a great hiding spot for DVDs, CDs and Wii accessories!

He’s a California King
Yes, big or small, most guys are into large beds. Bedding, box springs, bed frames and night tables; all of which are add-ons that are probably not top on the “must get” list for your bachelor. So…when picking, choose something that is a one-stop-shop. Home Furniture and Patio’s Diamond Sofa Low Profile California King Bed is complete with a headboard, footboard, platform rails, floating night stands with drawers and does not require a box spring. I know it is almost too good to be true.

Sit Pretty With Color
A chair can double as the perfect place to throw dirty laundry and fulfills the requirement for being both practical and functional. Plus, it’s a perfect middle ground when trying to add some bedroom pizazz.

“Seating in the bedroom is a must,” says Knapp. “Bachelor pad or not, people sitting on your bed is a no-no.”

Seating options like Quinze and Milan Jellyfish House Chair, Fatboyusa Fat Boy - Island and Quinze and Milan Primary Pouf 01 Stool can accent the room and comes in pop colors like lime-green orange, red sky-blue, raspberry, purple, yellow and orange.

If you can check all of the above suggested improvement, you’ve made some major progress. If he’s really feeling his enhanced living quarters and still on-board to keep up with the progress, slowly work in rugs, bedding and lighting.

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