Monday, August 10, 2009

When The Outdoors Comes In

Blossoming Ms. Spring and fire-hot Mrs. Summer have finally packed their bags and left town. Although they both shall return to the Four Seasons hotel, the reunion is only annual. While you did catch some snapshots for the photo album, make their memory last in other ways….
Gather all of their keep sakes and see what you can make of them – after all you are just borrowing until they return.

Keep Sake Item #1

I was thrilled to see that Ms. Spring left behind her black and white Tortuga Outdoor Essence cushions. You know - the onyx accent pillows she wore to the neighborhood block party. Don’t store it in the closet consider wearing these modern pillows somewhere indoors – after all the indoor/outdoor fabric makes it dual purpose. Besides, Trina Turk (link) – your only fashionista competition – just wore her new modern pillows out and it was “all the rave.”

Keep Sake #2
Mrs. Summer forgot her favorite Green Alfresco Home Monaco Urn. We can’t argue that her pansy accessories didn’t provide pop accent to her already fabulous look, but let’s face it, there is always room for improvement. Next time we see her we will be sure and ask…“have you considered something a bit more fall/winter like a Chinese Evergreen to accessorize the urn?” In the meantime (while we wait to run into her), we’ll test it out first hand and see how it goes.

Keep Sake #3
Alfresco Home Monterey Coffee Table - a must have? I would say so. Not only did Ms. Spring rave about her garden and patio furniture, but Mrs. Summer almost sent her husband back to pick up their outdoor set. All weather wicker furniture, powder-coated aluminum frame and a tempered glass topper, I guess I understand why you wouldn’t want to leave this behind. Light weight yes, but I can’t even begin to tell you how rich looking the wicker patio furniture set looks as a whole.

Simply put, it’s a year round staple and everyone should have at least one.

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