Sunday, September 27, 2009

Cover Me Up

Nothing a little wallpaper can’t fix. Your place is need of a some T-L-C, we’ve got you covered. Make a visionary statement and decorate your plain white walls with Clacket Lane Gray Mibo Wallpaper. The paper is pre-trimmed and offers-up a stylish bird motif that brings some international flare to your home.

Imported from the UK, British designer Madeleine Rogers has created these bold and contemporary wallpapers to complement the existing range of Mibo lighting.

The prints are inspired by seaside resorts, fusing simplistic style paired with traditional and modern interiors. Papers in this collection are supplied single roll, are wipe-able and sold in 11 yard bulk.

Now you have no excuse, bring your room to life.

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Grill is a Touchdown

As the summer is coming to a close, football season has begun. It’s that time again to roll out your cooking tools and get ready to grill. A true man’s man knows that having perfect grill will make your home the place to watch the game for all of your football buddies.

Kick-off the season right with the Eagles 30” Gas Grill with Stainless Steel Burners by Fireside American. Even the name makes you sound like a Cowboy. This Twin Eagles gas grill features a stainless steel welded construction with a hood assist system to make passing the ball – oops, we mean opening easier.

One piece seamless welded front panel (no screws that cause rusting), two 25,000 BTU stainless steel 14-gauge burners – the crowd is going wild! Added Sear Zone containing 25,000 BTUs makes firing up a steak in between first down a no brainer.

Let’s face it – there is no flag on the play, this grill is a touchdown.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Let Me Upgrade You!

The holidays are just around the corner and many of you will be scrambling around town trying to get your home arranged for the much talked about, highly-anticipated arrival of (dun, dun, dun) the in-laws. Yes, it’s that time of year again, when your home becomes a crash pad - after all we are in a recession.

Let’s not forget about this, coupled with the spike in your caloric intake and the fact that the most activity you will receive is getting up to turn on and off the TV.

So if you are going to embark on the ultimate family “vegg-fest” at least make sure you have room on your couch to enjoy yourself. Consider the two piece Pillowtop sectional by Diamond Sofa Valentino.

We know what you are thinking, sectionals are comfortable but they bring you back to your college days. Made with bonded leather, a black finish, a hardwood frame and a lifetime warranty you should probably reconsider, because this couch beats any beer-pong memory you might have and is way stylish. An upgrade? I would say so.

So this year get excited to host the family – more than just your cooking will be getting the “ooohs” and “aaaahs” when the in-laws arrive.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

If These Walls Could Talk – What Does your Design Say About You?

If you’ve ever said “that’s so you,” then you know what we mean. Association and style can speak volumes about someone’s personality.

You high-fashion friend can’t get enough of Gucci’s 2010 resort collection; your down-town-earth co-worker can’t get enough of Urban Outfitters’ vintage one-of-a-kinds; all the while your cousins, sisters, brothers, niece is a mix of Audrey Hepburn meets Gwen Stefani…we don’t really know what to call her…confused?

So, if furniture could be compared to clothes what do the confines of your walls say about you?
The Neat Freak

Characteristics to look for when entering into a neat freaks home include lots of organizational storage because they have rid themselves of the “stuff factor.” There is very little overcrowding but you will find one to two things in their home that might make you think they are hiding a wild and crazy person inside. The perfect gift for your “neat freak:”

The Fashionista/o

They are easy to spot because their living spaces are loud and live. Look for wow-factor pieces that catch your attention. “These types” are not scared of color, patterns or mixing the different design genres a la Audrey Hepburn meets Gwen Stefani. Keep your stylish friend stylish with:

Married with Kids

No matter how well-put-together this house is you just can’t hide the family factor. Look for family functional pieces and don’t be surprised if you see sectionals that offer easy to clean fabrics or come in dark colors that hide the stains. Kid’s accessories; another thing you can’t hide them. Don’t be surprised if you see items like this:

Single & Fabulous

If you think there house is a “show house” or staged for a visitor then you guessed it…single & fabulous. Their common areas show little to no use – all the action is taking place in one place, the bedroom (don’t have such a dirty mind). Their sleeping quarters speak volumes about their true personality. Bedroom fun: