Thursday, September 3, 2009

If These Walls Could Talk – What Does your Design Say About You?

If you’ve ever said “that’s so you,” then you know what we mean. Association and style can speak volumes about someone’s personality.

You high-fashion friend can’t get enough of Gucci’s 2010 resort collection; your down-town-earth co-worker can’t get enough of Urban Outfitters’ vintage one-of-a-kinds; all the while your cousins, sisters, brothers, niece is a mix of Audrey Hepburn meets Gwen Stefani…we don’t really know what to call her…confused?

So, if furniture could be compared to clothes what do the confines of your walls say about you?
The Neat Freak

Characteristics to look for when entering into a neat freaks home include lots of organizational storage because they have rid themselves of the “stuff factor.” There is very little overcrowding but you will find one to two things in their home that might make you think they are hiding a wild and crazy person inside. The perfect gift for your “neat freak:”

The Fashionista/o

They are easy to spot because their living spaces are loud and live. Look for wow-factor pieces that catch your attention. “These types” are not scared of color, patterns or mixing the different design genres a la Audrey Hepburn meets Gwen Stefani. Keep your stylish friend stylish with:

Married with Kids

No matter how well-put-together this house is you just can’t hide the family factor. Look for family functional pieces and don’t be surprised if you see sectionals that offer easy to clean fabrics or come in dark colors that hide the stains. Kid’s accessories; another thing you can’t hide them. Don’t be surprised if you see items like this:

Single & Fabulous

If you think there house is a “show house” or staged for a visitor then you guessed it…single & fabulous. Their common areas show little to no use – all the action is taking place in one place, the bedroom (don’t have such a dirty mind). Their sleeping quarters speak volumes about their true personality. Bedroom fun:

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