Monday, October 5, 2009

Family Time Endangered? Problem Solved.

As families get busier and quality family time gets added to the “endangered species list,” this high-end kitchen table will help bring families closer together when it comes around to mealtime. The trendy, contemporary style adds flair to any kitchen or dining room while the classic shape hints at a “Knights of the Round Table” meeting to find the perfect blend of cool and class.

With its conical base featuring a carved raised ring at the floor, this durable table makes any meal exciting – even if it is just reheated leftovers of Grandma’s famous meatloaf. The steel tube supports throughout the base and top assure that diners won’t send a plate flying because of a rocky table. The sleek design is also accented by hand carved, dark walnut pieces constructed from red oak veneers and hardwoods.

The Diamond Sofa company was started by a husband and wife duo looking to break into the imported furniture market in 1992 and have since expanded their business exponentially. Look for other pieces from the Urban Collection to add to your home décor.

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