Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mirror, Mirror on the Window

Who says walls get to have all the fun? With new adhesive window film, windows now have the chance to get decorated too! Emma Jeffs Adhesive Window Film gives a modern, elegant look to any window that will convince everyone you’ve splurged on antique etched glass. The window coverings give complete privacy while still letting tons of light in, a perfect replacement for blinds or shades in any room.

British designed, Emma Jeffs uses her training in fashion textiles to create stunning designs that are so easy to use – and easy to remove. Choose from five different patterns, add water and adhere to a window – that’s all it takes to get this trendy new look! And with no leftover residue, you can easily remove the window films too. Patterns include clover, flowers & lace, pixels and others.

With the new window films you’ll be the talk of the town – or atleast have the coolest windows on the block.

1 comment:

  1. That's looking like eco friendly mirror design. But its very nice in look also. What about its quality? Is it water resistance? It'll also add a stylish look in your guest room as well as all the rooms.
    Thanks for the posting it here. I'll try to kept it.

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