Sunday, November 29, 2009

There’s nothing like the holidays. You spend weeks planning your menu, days cleaning the house and hours preparing all the little details. Your down to the wire and realize you are challenged with one logistical issue – your second cousin’s brother who is three times removed will not have a place setting.

Oh the fun of having everyone at your house this year.

A helpful tip from the decorating divas at Home Furniture and Patio – always consider seating for eight, especially when entertaining. Seating for eight expands outside the actual dishes and cups protocol; it must complement your dining rooms table. That’s right, for each place seating you’ll need a seat – as they say, easier said than done.

Consider this “cram-free” option, the 87 Inch Rectangle Leg Dining Table by Diamond Sofa. The table offers a 4-inch apron and thick leg design, comfortably seating eight guests.

So what does this mean for you? You can tell you guest to leave the term “scoot over” at the door, because that was soo holiday season 2008!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Clutter Be Gone

We’re all guilty of it – you walk in the door and just want to drop all of your stuff right there in the hallway. Before you know it, shoes, hats, bags, umbrellas, and your favorite pair of black pumps that have been missing from your closet are all piled up right there next to the front door.

Eliminate the clutter and add some pizzazz to your entryway with the Powell Heirloom Cherry Hall Tree with Storage Bench. The beautiful dark cherry piece not only provides a back panel and hooks for hanging coats and a top ledge for plants and collectibles, but the bench lifts to reveal a large storage chest as well.

So, instead of creating your own tower of “stuff,” use the Hall Tree to keep things tidy. If you’re really tempted to just drop your bags and head for the couch, the bench provides a perfect seat for a 20-second time-out before the long trek down the hall and into the TV room.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Holiday Gifts Under $100

‘Tis the season to shop like a frugalista and beat the long lines, jammed parking lots and over priced holiday so-called “must-haves.” At Home Furniture and Patio you can find the perfect gifts for under a Benjamin.

Top four picks from Designer, Betsy Knapp of Tiger Lilys

- notNeutral Triton Throw Pillows – patterns are in! These silk screened pillows can work anywhere in the home and pop colors of the season are a must. These pillows come in blue, black and Persimmon (orange). Price $78

- notNeutral Frosty Ornaments Set – this makes for the perfect “just in case present,” for the co-worker or friend who gifted you by surprise. These frosted ornaments are perfect for any holiday-themed d├ęcor and are packaged in a set of four. Price $9

- Dwell Studios Gate Apron – everyone is busy getting their “eat-on” this holiday season, so for those behind the stove preparing all the divine bites, cook with style – finally an apron that matches your outfit! Price $44

- Powell Color Story Crimson Red Coat Rack – might not be the most common gift given, but probably the most practical. Having guests over or need to pull out the abondence of winter jackets to keep warm, now you’ll have somewhere to hang all the extras. Price $93

Happy gift-giving and don’t forget free shipping on all orders over $90.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Your Room Never Looked So Sweet

Honeycombs...mmm, cereal. Think again. Yes, they look like them, yes, they have the same great appeal as they do, but no, they sure don't taste like them!

Quinze and Milan Honeycomb's are inspired by flexibility - providing a unique and stylish approach to shelving. A fun and convenient way to store your belongings, these shelves provide an enhanced structural capacity that allows stacking up to 7 meters in two directions and even allows the removal of units within a built wall to create "windows."

While honey might be a best selling color other "sweet" options include black, white, mint, cherry and light grey.

So, for all you busy bee's out there, this is a great way to get organized and keep your honey hive fashionable.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Gamer's Lounge Chair

Inspired by the “desire to touch” is the best way to describe the Offi and Co. Coosh Lounge and Ottoman. Cut from a single block of high density foam, this lounge chair and footstool come together to create a comfortable interlocking chaise perfect for laying back and chilling out. When not in use, the two pieces fit together to form a striking, space-saving sphere that just begs for attention.

This kid-friendly piece is safe, breathable and can be moved to any room to provide a perfect seat for hanging out, watching TV or of course playing video games. So grab the Playstation, X-box, Guitar Hero or old-school N64, unroll your Coosh Lounge, and you’ll look so cool playing that it won’t matter if your 7-year-old just beat you.