Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Gamer's Lounge Chair

Inspired by the “desire to touch” is the best way to describe the Offi and Co. Coosh Lounge and Ottoman. Cut from a single block of high density foam, this lounge chair and footstool come together to create a comfortable interlocking chaise perfect for laying back and chilling out. When not in use, the two pieces fit together to form a striking, space-saving sphere that just begs for attention.

This kid-friendly piece is safe, breathable and can be moved to any room to provide a perfect seat for hanging out, watching TV or of course playing video games. So grab the Playstation, X-box, Guitar Hero or old-school N64, unroll your Coosh Lounge, and you’ll look so cool playing that it won’t matter if your 7-year-old just beat you.

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