Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Log Cabin No More

Yearn for the comfort and ambiance of your own traditional log cabin but are really a 21st century eco-citizen? No need to make compromises with the eco-friendly and modern-designed Wall Mount Bio Fuel Fireplaces by Fireside America.

Fireside America has created a smokeless and vent-less fireplace that can be easily mounted or inserted into a wall and weighs under 50lbs -combining old-fashioned function with modern form.

Fireside Amercia Caprise
Bio Fuel Fireplace

Unlike other eco-friendly fireplaces, bio-flame is a high-tech clean burning fireplace created to run on a highly refined ethanol which is nonstop fed into the fire and produces no harmful gases, smoke, ashes or soot. Who needs a plasma screen television, when you can cozy up with a hot chocolate and watch the flicker of flames all night?

Fireside Amercia Fiorenzo
Wall Mount Bio Fuel Fireplace

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Marvel at Home Furniture and Patio’s favorite picks of Magis’ twists on domestic staples with our two favorite selections.

Our first favorite, their ability to take ironing from dull housekeeping into a futuristic adventure with an ironing board of sleek angles and metallic finishes. This board looks more at home on the sci-fi channel than on The Brady Bunch. Magis’ Almeto Ironing Board might even pique the interest of your favorite anti-chore couch potato with its color choices of lilac and blue or anthracite fabric and anodized aluminum frame.

Fido won’t know which planet or year he has woken up in with Magis’ bright orange Dog House with all the requirements of a modern pooch- a stepladder, plaque (in Latin, translation “faithful friend, strong protector”) and a removable ventilation plug for increased air flow. Even Snoopy couldn’t resist napping in here!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

An Office Chair is an Office Chair....Not For A Lady

If your 2010 resolution has anything to do with buckling down on your work schedule, you should consider investing in a great chair. For women, fashion in the home and office are a must. Enjoy some of our top picks from our collection:

Topstar Lady’s Chair Black Mesh Chari adds flare to the work place with a French toile fabric seat. The German-made ergonomic task chair is made specifically for women offering pressure points and body-balance-tec hinge allowing the chair to follow every movement.

Zuo Modern Regal Office Chair, if Chanel made an office chair, this would be it. The quilted high back swivel chair comes in black and white.

Zuo Modern Criss Cross Office Chair, if Balenciaga made an office chair, this would be it. The leatherette strapped-back makes for comfortable seating and comes in white, black and espresso.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Stretching the Truth

It's that time of year again when you hang up your dancing shoes and trade them in for a night of S'mores, cozy pajamas and a movie. Fourteen days and counting, you are at an all time high when it comes to days indoors.

Friends and family bugging you? Get them off your back with the Magis Puzzle Carpet. Available in sand, grass, and water patterns, the puzzle carpet allows you to create a makeshift outdoor scene indoors and doubles as a carpet.

So now, when you get the "um-teenth" call about coming to hang out you can tell him/her on the receiving end that you are just too tired. You not only did some shopping for the home and picked up a new carpet today, but you also spent the day enjoying the lush landscape. Technically, you're not really telling a lie.