Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Context Furniture!

The Philosophy and Process of Context Furniture: Each design begins as an outline; a profile intended to communicate the essence the object, an ideal graphic icon of “chair” or “stool”. A hardwood stripe is incorporated in every piece, reinforcing the marriage of craft with graphic, industrial with natural, mass production with hand craftsmanship. Integrity of workmanship and planning drives each stage of development and construction of Context Furniture. Each piece of furniture provides an open window onto this process by exposing each layer of development in the final work.

Context Furniture Truss A-Frame Bench:

Only in our wildest dreams could our angles turn into something as remarkable as the Truss collection by Scott Klinker. With perfectly designed shapes that are both sophisticated and playful, the Truss collection will inspire your imagination. Made in the USA.

Context Furniture Narrative Structure Desk:

Narrative line from Context is made of layers of Baltic birch plywood, which remind you that someone made this furniture. Even better, they made it to look great.

Context Furniture William & Mary Metro Cafe Chair:

The William & Mary line from Context is influenced by the style and period it takes its name from the legs but each piece is made of layers of Baltic birch plywood, which reminds you that someone made this furniture. Veneer color choice will dictate hardwood stripe choice.

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