Tuesday, May 18, 2010

ShadeScapes: Only Nature Compares!

ShadeScapes USA is dedicated to offering shade solutions for the finest outdoor settings. Our customers include commercial establishments, design professionals and discerning homeowners.

As the exclusive North American and Caribbean distributor of the Shademakers, Paraflex and Uhlmann lines of shade solutions, we offer a wide range of high quality shade solutions specifically designed for distinctive outdoor environments. Each of these extraordinary lines fuse functionality, style, innovation and superior craftsmanship, making them not only beautiful but long-lasting.

We at Paraflex® love the sun just as much as you do. Sometimes however, one longs for a place in the shade. Sun is for life, shade is for enjoying.

Paraflex® therefore provides the ideal solution: create your shade wherever you want ... in the right spot ... at the right time ... just the right amount.

Our unique and patented system removes the need for a heavy base and a central pole. One attachment to the wall of a side pole. The flexible arms and tilting canopy allow you to create the shade where you want, independent of the sun’s position. Paraflex has a modern design, is robust and still very easy to handle.

Paraflex®, worldwide proven quality, both for commercial and private use. Especially there where the sun shines. Control the shade with Paraflex®.

What makes Paraflex® so unique? 1. Ease of Use You can take out the umbrella thanks to the ingenious clamp system. With a simple push of the button you can tilt the umbrella into the desired position. 2. Easy to store You can close the umbrella in two ways : you can either take it out of the clamp and close it ; or you can leave it on the arm and close it thanks to the zipper in the umbrella cover. 3. Maximum flexibility The umbrella arm is extremely flexible thanks to the hinges. By opening the handle the umbrella arm can easily and quickly be moved. The arm can be demounted easily for storage during winter.

Total Quality! The Paraflex-arm and umbrella is made of aluminum and stainless steel parts. All plastic parts are made specially UV-resistant for longevity.

Shadescapes USA Paraflex Cluster of Five Umbrella 2.7 on Silver Umbrella Frame by Shadescapes USA:

Shadescapes USA Paraflex Double Wall-Mount Umbrella 2.7 on Bronze Umbrella Frame by Shadescapes USA:

Shadescapes USA Paraflex Single Pole-Mount Umbrella 2.7 on Silver Umbrella Frame by Shadescapes USA:

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