Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Bachelor’s Guide in Choosing the Right Pieces for the Bedroom

Planning and shopping for the right bedroom pieces are not only for married people. Even bachelors and single individuals must know the different ideas and options in choosing the right things inside the bedroom. The bedroom is the ideal place for rest and thinking, so it the best move for him to do a research first before choosing among the various modern bedroom sets found in stores.

Being a bachelor, the right bedroom set for you must be something that is modern, easy-to-maintain and that can match your taste. Some guys would choose leather pieces and some would want the traditional ones. For a more contemporary look, there are pieces that are made of hardwood with Cappuccino finish, ideal for a man’s taste. It can have a king or queen-size bed perfect if you have frequent guests sleeping over with you. Usually, these items come in sets. There is a 6-piece bedroom set that includes a bed, mirror, dresser, chest and 2 nightstands. Most of the modern pieces come in dark and bold colors. Most guys would love the colors black and dark brown colors. But there are men who prefer the color white for their bedroom set and wall color.

Aside from choosing the right bedroom set for your room, it is important to embellish it with the right accents and accessories. It does not have to be jars and curtains that will surely make you feel that you are in the feminine side, there are great items that would look good inside a gentleman’s bedroom. An example would be an artwork such as a painting or a wood sculpture can embellish the room. Another idea would be setting up a book shelf or a cd rack of your favorite books and music. Another important item inside a bachelor’s room is putting up a television and audio system. It will help you unwind while watching an exciting basketball game. It is also a romantic way of spending time with a girlfriend while watching a good movie or listening on a soft music together. It is also common for a busy, career-oriented person to have a study or a working table inside the bedroom. These can be made of hardwood or glass. It is important that the table would match other items in the room to have a pleasing appeal.

Either classic or contemporary bedroom sets, every bachelor can make his room a dream space that will not only give him a serene and relaxing ambience but at the same time it will be sophisticated and matches his taste. Just like girls, guys or bachelors can be stylish too!

Modern Bedroom Furniture for the Contemporary Home

The young urban professionals of today dress up their homes with the most trendy and chic furniture and furnishings they can find. A contemporary bedroom should be a sanctuary where you can go home to and find a peaceful rest. Modern bedroom sets usually come with the basic bed, mirror, dresser, nightstand, and chest of drawers. A wise homeowner should go minimalist to avoid clutter and maintain an easy, relaxing, calm and serene ambiance.

Whether they live in condos, lofts, or townhouses, the urban couples of today try to make a statement with modern and bold lines that reflect their busy lifestyle. The bedroom, however, should be a sanctuary, hence, care should be taken in planning the d├ęcor or theme of the room. A good example is the Zen-like theme with inspiration from the Far East. The main bedroom pieces could be made of dark teak wood or mahogany, which is the perfect foil for white or beige bed linens. Colors or prints could be confined to the area rug or the wall frames, while the sound of running water could be provided by a small home fountain with pump. Scented candles or lavender oil may also diffuse the aromas to soothe frayed nerves.

The bedroom as haven of rest should be noise-free, cool, well-ventilated and comfortable. Soft music may be played within, but it is advisable to install the television set elsewhere. Adjoining bathrooms could also carry the Asian-inspired look with potted bamboo plants, small stone statues in one corner surrounded by white pebbles. It would be a good idea to use sliding Japanese doors for your walk-in closets, with floor coverings and window shades in Oriental designs. There are many possibilities; with a little imagination and creativity, it is not too difficult to mix and match the right pieces to suit your personality.

It is important to give due attention to the proper furnishing of our bedroom. This is where we spend around one-thirds of our lives. This is the place where we sleep and recharge our energies. Hence, with careful selection, we can find the right furniture that we need, and are going to use for a long time. A good, sturdy bed, comfortable armchairs, and ample storage space for our clothes, shoes, toiletries and accessories comprise the modern, practical bedroom.

Contemporary bedroom sets shy away from the elaborate, embroidered linens and intricately carved furniture of the past. The trend now is for clean lines, dark and easy-to-maintain finish, as well as sleek, stain-free upholstery. Durability and style should go together, and hassle-free maintenance is much sought after due to the lack of maids to do the cleaning for us.Link

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ways to Clean and Maintain Your Wicker Patio Furniture

Most outdoor furniture could withstand harsh environmental factors. Some are robust and durable enough that could take any harsh weather condition. Some are made of treated wood and some are made of wrought-iron that could take hot and cold weather. A plastic or aluminum furniture requires less care than wood. But if your patio furniture is made out of wicker, you have to do constant cleaning and maintain it so that it will last longer.

The first step in cleaning your wicker patio furniture is using a soft brush. Brushing the wicker with soap and water would help remove dirt and debris in the furniture. If you have a hose, you could use it to apply a little pressure on the furniture to remove the dirt. Just be sure to wipe the furniture with a cloth after washing.

Second, to prevent from damage, use a protective covering for your outdoor patio furniture. There are lots of fabrics that can be used to cover the furniture. You can use a plastic, vinyl, polyester, etc. Depending on the weather condition, these coverings will protect your furniture and it will help extend its life span.

Following these simple steps and suggestions in cleaning and maintaining your outdoor furniture will definitely help you extend the life of your furniture. It is always best to follow the manufacturer’s advice and recommendations. At the same time, have someone, a professional, to regularly clean and refinish your furniture. If you do not want to incur extra cost of maintaining your furniture, you can do it yourself and follow the above instructions.

To be sure that your wicker patio furniture will last longer than the others, you better buy the synthetic ones. The natural wicker which is made of natural products and wood would quickly deteriorate due to heat and moisture. The synthetic wicker furniture is made of plastic and is usually coated and more durable. As long as it is cleaned regularly and covered to protect from the rain, the synthetic wicker furniture will definitely last a lifetime.

Why Wicker Is Still the Most Sought-After Modern Patio Furniture

The history of the wicker furniture goes way back to the time of the Egyptian era before the birth of Christ. Wicker was already used by the royals for their lounge chairs, storage, and even their thrones. When the Romans came into power, wicker was still visible in the palaces and in the homes. It evolved continuously, but it never went out of style.

In modern patio furniture, wicker remains on top. Why do people love wicker? First of all, it is a classic piece but it goes well with contemporary space. The pastel color of the wicker and its weaving pattern gives you a homey and country look. It gives you a relaxing mood and it is pleasing to the eyes. It makes you want to sit back and relax. Of course, there are modern colors of wicker now, some are painted with darker colors, but still gives an appealing look. The wicker also blends well with either cement or wood flooring.

The wicker can be decorated with either classic or modern accents. Through the stylish cushions, the simple wicker furniture can be transformed into the look that you desire. If your preference is something that is classic and simple, a wicker decorated with white or a pastel color cushion is recommended. Simple prints and light tones in the fabrics used, with subtle colors for your color choices. However, if you are in the modern and daring side, you can choose the dark colors and bold prints for your cushions.

Many people say the wicker is considered classic furniture and yet needs regular maintenance. Well, those are the older types of wicker wherein they are made of wood or natural products. Today, there are synthetic types of wicker. They are a combination of wood and plastic. So, they can survive harsh and wet climates. Aside from that, there are different ways of cleaning and maintaining your modern patio furniture, such as the wicker. A simple brush or a hose and water are the things that you need to clean your furniture. Since most of them are already coated to be termite-proof or rust-proof and water-proof, it will give you the assurance that it will last long. Most of the outdoor furniture today are made for all-weather conditions. Aside from that, there are different furniture covers to protect furniture pieces. This will help your modern patio furniture survive different types of weather.

Wicker is definitely the most sought-after modern patio furniture, since it jives well with every look. Classic, contemporary, outdoors or indoors, it never goes out of season. From tables to chairs, wicker surely goes well with your patio!