Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Why Wicker Is Still the Most Sought-After Modern Patio Furniture

The history of the wicker furniture goes way back to the time of the Egyptian era before the birth of Christ. Wicker was already used by the royals for their lounge chairs, storage, and even their thrones. When the Romans came into power, wicker was still visible in the palaces and in the homes. It evolved continuously, but it never went out of style.

In modern patio furniture, wicker remains on top. Why do people love wicker? First of all, it is a classic piece but it goes well with contemporary space. The pastel color of the wicker and its weaving pattern gives you a homey and country look. It gives you a relaxing mood and it is pleasing to the eyes. It makes you want to sit back and relax. Of course, there are modern colors of wicker now, some are painted with darker colors, but still gives an appealing look. The wicker also blends well with either cement or wood flooring.

The wicker can be decorated with either classic or modern accents. Through the stylish cushions, the simple wicker furniture can be transformed into the look that you desire. If your preference is something that is classic and simple, a wicker decorated with white or a pastel color cushion is recommended. Simple prints and light tones in the fabrics used, with subtle colors for your color choices. However, if you are in the modern and daring side, you can choose the dark colors and bold prints for your cushions.

Many people say the wicker is considered classic furniture and yet needs regular maintenance. Well, those are the older types of wicker wherein they are made of wood or natural products. Today, there are synthetic types of wicker. They are a combination of wood and plastic. So, they can survive harsh and wet climates. Aside from that, there are different ways of cleaning and maintaining your modern patio furniture, such as the wicker. A simple brush or a hose and water are the things that you need to clean your furniture. Since most of them are already coated to be termite-proof or rust-proof and water-proof, it will give you the assurance that it will last long. Most of the outdoor furniture today are made for all-weather conditions. Aside from that, there are different furniture covers to protect furniture pieces. This will help your modern patio furniture survive different types of weather.

Wicker is definitely the most sought-after modern patio furniture, since it jives well with every look. Classic, contemporary, outdoors or indoors, it never goes out of season. From tables to chairs, wicker surely goes well with your patio!

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