Friday, April 1, 2011

Bedroom Makeover

Your bedroom reflects your personality. The color of the walls and the furniture and fixtures, shows the type of personality that you have. So it is a wise idea to plan the color, the kind of furniture and accents that you intend to buy for your bedroom. There are a lot of modern bedroom sets found online and in furniture stores. If you have existing pieces in your room that you intend to keep, then you do not have to buy the entire bedroom set. Just choose among the pieces that would match your existing ones. But if you want a total makeover for your bedroom, then start from scratch and buy everything that you need for your room.

A typical makeover starts with a theme or a motif. Choose a theme that you really like and would be pleasing to your eyes. If you prefer an Asian appeal, go for a Japanese-inspired or Zen-inspired look. You could use white with maroon paint colors, with bamboo furniture and accessories. You could also try a Victorian era theme. You could buy a canopy bed in stores. Another good motif is a safari-inspired look. There are a lot of tiger prints for carpets, rugs, wallpapers, linens and even bean bags.

Having a good theme in mind, you can start putting together the pieces for your bedroom makeover. Always make the bed as your priority, since it is the main piece of the bedroom. If you have chosen a bed, make sure that you have tested it to be sure that it is comfortable when you sleep on it. A beautiful bed will be useless if it does not give you a relaxing and comfortable feeling. Aside from that, choose other furniture pieces such as dressers, drawers, nightstands that are useful to you. If you have a lot of things, make sure that these items could be stored in those furniture pieces. Always remember that functionality and utility matters, and they are always on top priority. Also, bear in mind that in doing makeovers, you must have a budget and stick to what you have. Practicality must always be practiced. If possible, buy in stores that are on clearance sale. There are good furniture pieces that can be bought at a lower price. Be a wise shopper. Do not throw away your old furniture.

It is important to mix and match your furniture and accessories in your bedroom to make it unique and stylish. A makeover need not have new furniture pieces you can change its fabrics and covers. However, if you have excess funds that would not harm your budget, then you could always buy brand new contemporary bedroom sets.

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