Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Make Your Outdoor Set-up Look More Stylish with Wood Flooring

You want to have a place in your home where you could just sit back, read a book or drink a cup of coffee while enjoying the view of your garden. Having a patio in your home, you can have a serene and relaxing ambience that you desire. Decorate it with chic patio furniture for a comfortable and relaxing time outdoors. Embellish it with accessories such as colorful pillows, candles, etc., to make it more attractive. You could decorate your patio with a lot of stuff. Just learn how to mix and match old and new pieces. To make your patio more stylish and inviting, you could decorate it with teak flooring.

The Le Click Classic Teak Tiles from Infinita is made from beautiful teak hardwood. The tiles are easy to put by just clicking them on together. No glue or hammer required. It has a smoothly sanded natural finish. It is resistant to worms, bugs and decay. It weathers into silver patina when exposed to weather. Aside from that, teak is not slippery when wet and water are flushed away between the slats of the tiles.

Another brand of wood tiles is from Vifah Modern Patio. The Interlocking Deck Tiles with 12 Diagonal Slat Design in Acacia Plantation Hardwood. The material being used is res
istant to decay, mold mildew, termites and fungi. They are great for outdoors such as pools, hot tubs, porches, walkways, decks, balconies and patios. They can also be placed indoors such as bathroom floors, garage floors or basement floors. Installing the tiles is very easy. You do not need a hammer, just snap them together. They are easy to remove and re-arrange. They are from controlled forests of premium plantation teak, so they are environment friendly.

Installing a wood flooring in your patio or floating wood floors in your garden will create a relaxing ambience to your outdoor set-up. You can make it your sanctuary to relax and unwind from your busy lifestyle. You do not have to go to a posh hotel or resort.

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