Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Chic and Stylish Furniture for Your Patio or Garden

With summertime just around the corner, let the balmy weather draw you to the outdoors. Enjoy the fresh air in your own patio or garden, furnished with stylish and trendy resin wicker patio furniture. These sturdy and resilient furniture pieces are made to withstand sun and rain. They can be prettily dressed up with plump cushions in trendy white or beige, with splashes of bright accent pieces.

Your patio would be tempting indeed, when you need a cozy, private space where you can relax and unwind. Your partner or family members would enjoy the comfortable seats in your own patio that will remind you of luxurious tropical living. The garden or patio is the perfect setting for wicker furniture, which has Eastern origins, and blend very nicely with potted plants or bamboo, a rock garden, a Japanese lantern, and other Oriental wall art. You can create a Zen-like atmosphere that will provide you with many soothing hours of relaxation.

For a Midwestern motif, you can dress up your wicker furniture with cushions in sunset colors, and accent pieces with cactus print. Indian blankets or rugs in bold designs will beautifully enhance your patio floor. Go further with terra cotta pottery, other Mexican-inspired wall art, or framed paintings. Sand colors, beiges, yellows and browns are perfect for walls and tiles. This helps create an atmosphere of desert living, and brings the outdoors inside. You can bask in the ambiance of the Midwest while lounging in your wicker chaise with your favorite book, or rocking in a hammock.

Wicker outdoor furniture indeed are delightfully flexible and easy to decorate and fit into any setting. Either sofas, armchairs or chaise lounges, these classic pieces are readily available in your nearest furniture store or through the internet. These are well-designed and thoughtfully constructed to last many years. They are non-toxic and environment-friendly, safe for you and your kids. They are classically designed and would not go out of style. They come in trendy black, white, or chocolate brown, to easily blend with your existing furnishings.

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