Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Contemporary and Modern Wall Decor

Wall decors can be anything that adds life to your home. There's no need to follow strict rules, function it in your own artistic method. Here are my suggested non-traditional decorations to liven up your wall space namely: polystyrene wall art, various plates, quilts, removable wall artwork, floating wall shelves, foldablescreens, stained glass, wooden, plant wall, and over-sized buttons.

Modern Wall Decor

Nowadays, modern wall decor and modern wall artwork are fast becoming decorations of choice especially among home enthusiasts. Even normal home owners are now slowly getting themselves familiar with them. However, the idea of modern wall decor and modern wall artwork are not essentially focused on having the latest interior design fashions. Instead, most designers refer it to the "mid-century" design which means you can combine design elements of 60s or 70s with your choice of the present modern wall decor and modern wall artwork. In any instance, whether your thinking about contemporary or modern interior design here are some basic tips you should keep when you are planning an interior design or just a simple home makeover.

Music Wall Art and Music Wall Decor

Music wall art and music wall decor are two of the most of widely used home accents in the past few decades. They are old ideas but it doesn't mean that they can't be used to create a stunning design inside the house. Music wall art and music wall decor offer a timely masterpiece for home owners who love music and everything that goes with it like instruments and music note art. Combine them with a minimalist design and they will surely transform your house into a modern museum of classic music.

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