Sunday, June 5, 2011

Make Your Garden Look Fabulous with Chic Garden Accents

A garden will just be a simple one if you will not put accents or embellish it with garden decorations. It will look boring and dull, just all grass. Even if it is well-manicured, it is still lifeless. Plant some flowers on it or decorate it with garden furniture pieces. You could put a garden set made of wrought iron. It includes a round table with chairs, wherein you and your loved ones could have coffee or eat your breakfast together. You could also add a patio chaise or a chaise lounger in your garden for you to relax and read your favorite book or novel and listen to your favorite music with your mp3 player.

You could embellish your garden with an Alfresco Home Child Holding Bird Fieberstone Statue – Aged Stone. This inspiring and elegant statue is made from a combination of fibreglass and stone fibers with a beautiful patina finish.

You could also add an Ole’ Glazed Stoneware Jar also from Alfresco Home. It has a fusion of red and orange colors that gives the jar a timeless look. It has a design of vines, tall flowers and stems. Its unique glazed stoneware finish makes it look more elegant.

The Alfresco Home Sasso Fountain is a natural-looking fountain that will enhance the look of your fountain. It is made of a lightweight resin so it is easy for you to move or transfer it to another place. It has hand-applied surface patinas so you will see the color variations. It includes a pump and lighting, so it will look beautiful even at night time.

Alfresco Home’s Terra Cotta Garden Urn Planter Olas Basket comes in a beautiful earth tone color. It will perfectly complement the interior or exterior of your home. It is hand-made with a beautiful glazed finish.

You could also other types of garden planters, such as the Elvisa Tall Planter in Regal Blue color from Alfresco Home. It will add flair and style to your garden. Create an eye-catching garden with chic garden furniture and accessories.

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