Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Outdoor Televisions and Accessories for Your Outdoor Entertainment

It is fun to stay outdoors, like a patio or deck. You could see the beautiful view of the garden. Hear the sound of the birds and feel the cool breeze of the wind. You could spend time in your patio alone or with your loved ones and friends. Sometimes you would just like to unwind. Like listening to music and watching television. You could now watch TV outdoors because there are outdoor TVs. A well-known brand of outdoor television is called, “SunBriteTV.” It has different products for outdoor entertainment.

It has a SunBriteTV 23” HD PRO All-weather Outdoor LCD TV. It has an all-weather feature. It has a dual-fan airflow system that keeps the TV cool and dry for temperatures up to 122 deg. Fahrenheit. It has an internal thermostatically-controlled heater that protects the television for low temperatures, such as -24 degrees Fahrenheit. To keep the cables clean and dry, it has an innovative water-tight cable entry system with a pass through design. It also comes with an anti-reflective window to reduce glare, to increase contrast and to protect the LCD screen. It has water-resistant remote control, control buttons and detachable speaker modules. It has a remote control lock to prevent unauthorized users from changing the programming of the TV.

Use the SunBriteTV 23” Outdoor TV Dust Cover to protect your LCD TV. It is made of weatherproof 4-ply polypropylene UV protection fabric. It has Velcro straps for a secure fit on the television. It will protect your outdoor TV from dust and dirt.

You will also need SunBriteTV Articulating Wall Mount for your 23” TV. This articulating wall mount extends to 9 inches and it includes stainless steel hardLinkware. It meets VESA standards.

You could buy the Wireless Audio FM Transmitter for 23” TV by SunBriteTV. It is a wireless transmitter that can send an audio from your SunBriteTV to your FM radio. This cool gadget allows you to play an audio from your TV to your portable radio.
You will never regret buying a SunBrite TV or its accessories.

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