Thursday, June 2, 2011

Protect Your Patio Furniture Pieces Using Patio Furniture Covers

The weather can be unpredictable. It could be sunny today, but tomorrow you might have a wet weather. If you have a patio and you have decorated it with patio furniture. But how can you protect these furniture pieces from the pouring rain? You could not keep them everything inside the house every time the rain pours. Good thing the outdoor furniture covers were invented. These covers come in different brands, sizes and shapes to fit different kinds of patio furniture.

For you sofa or large seating set, you could buy the Tortuga Outdoor Large Seating Cover. It is a 380-gram heavy vinyl cover. The vinyl cover is fleece back and it is coated with PVC for added protection. Also, it comes with vented side panels for increased air circulation. It is fade-resistant, as well as weather-resistant that you could use for years. It can be used to cover a large sofa plus a loveseat. You could also cover your arm chair with the Tortuga Outdoor Stacked Arm Chair Cover. It is made of the same materials with the Large Seating Cover.

It is not only the patio chairs that can be covered. The Tortuga Outdoor Large Dining Set Cover is also made of a 380-gram vinyl and it can be used on a 5-piece or a 7-piece or even a 9-piece dining set.

Even your outdoor fireplace can be protected from the harsh outdoor weather. The Well Traveled Living Outdoor Patio Fireplace Vinyl Cover is made of a 10-gauge felt-lined vinyl. You can easily slip it on and off your fireplace. It is the best protection for your outdoor fireplace from different elements.

Your outdoor heater can also be covered outdoors. The Fireside America UniFlame 37” Universal Commercial Patio Heater Cover has a high-quality zipper closure, with a heater dome size of 34 in diameter. It keeps your heater clean and dry always.

These patio covers are a great investment because they do not only protect the furniture pieces in your patio, but they keep them clean and dry always.

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