Friday, July 8, 2011

Create an Amazing Patio with Chic and Cool Wood Floor Tiles

It is nice to stay in the patio to relax. It will have a more relaxing ambience if you have cool wood flooring. If you are looking for chic and cool wood flooring, you just have to visit an online store, It has a wide range of wood tiles and wood floor mats that will make your patio look amazing. You could install in your patio the Infinita Le Click Flex Teak Tiles (Set of 10). It is made from premium plantation teak. It is resistant to decay and it is not slippery even if it is wet. It is available in Natural or Oiled finish. You could also find there the beautiful Infinita Le click Corner Loop/Pin wood tiles. It perfectly frames a corner of any Le click interlocking floor tile of 11 ¾”. It is smoothly sanded that has a soft loft to finish your area floor perfectly. It is hand-sanded as well as mounted on a PVC layer that has stainless wood screws. It is available in Oiled or Natural finish.

Aside from Infinita, the store also sells Vifah Modern Patio Interlocking Deck Tiles with 12 Diagonal Slat Design in FSC Eucalyptus. It has 12 slats and the box contains 10 deck tiles. This material is made from solid Eucalyptus Grandis which is durable and the first rate choice for outdoor wood products. It is the best outdoor covering for balconies, porches, patios, surrounding pools and surrounding tubs. It is also used for indoors such as basement floors, garage floors and bathroom floors. It is easy to install, just snapping them together and you do not have to use staples, glue or nails. It is easy to remove, re-lay or re-arrange. It has interchangeable styles to create patterns or designs. It has wood slats that allow water to flow through. Most importantly, it is environment-friendly.

Whether they are wood floor tiles or floating wood floors or wood floor mats, they will all make your patio look amazing because wood flooring really suits an outdoor set-up.Link

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