Thursday, July 14, 2011

Durable Outdoor Televisions for Modern Patios

If you have an outdoor space, you would want it to be a place for unwinding. One way of making this area of your home the perfect spot for relaxation is to put an outdoor TV. These outdoor televisions have internal and external components that could withstand the harsh elements outdoors.

There are different brands of outdoor televisions today that manufacture outdoor TV’s. One of which is SunBrite TV. You could opt for its SunBrite TV 23-inch HD All-weather Outdoor LCD TV. It has a 1366 x 768 LCD screen that has an all-weather exterior that protects its internal components against the rain, scratches, dirt and even insects. It has a dual-airflow system that keeps the television unit cool and dry in temperatures of up to 122 deg. Fahrenheit. It has an internal thermostatically-controlled heater that can protect the TV from low temperatures of up to -24 deg. Fahrenheit. It can keep its cables dry and it allows easy hook-ups because of its innovative water-tight cable entry system. It has anti-reflective window that reduces glare and increases contrast, as well as protects the LCD screen. It also includes water-resistant detachable speaker module, remote control and control buttons. It has a Sleep Mode that automatically turns OFF the TV when its signal is removed and turns ON when its signal is restored. It has an optional articulating wall mount, ceiling mount / deck or planter pole. The accessories included are remote control, lithium battery and a removable table top stand.

For your 23-inch SunBrite TV, you could buy the Outdoor TV Dust Cover also by SunBrite TV. This outdoor dust cover is made of a weatherproof 4-ply Polypropylene UV protection fabric. It has Velcro straps to secure that the cover is in place. This dust cover will keep your TV from dirt and dust.

You and your family and even your guests will have a great time in your outdoor space if you have a Sunbright TV. You could watch your favorite shows together or watch a live basketball game while eating your favorite snacks.

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