Friday, July 29, 2011

Sunbright TV for Your Modern Patio

Aside from the elegant and modern style patio furniture and accessories, you could make your patio more relaxing if you put a Sunbright TV in it. It is an outdoor television set that will bring entertainment into your outdoor space. It is built with materials that can withstand the elements outdoors.

SunBrite TV has different kinds of TV set models. One of which is the SunBriteTV 46 1080p Full HD LCD All-weather Outdoor TV. This 48-inch TV has an LCD screen. It has an all-weather exterior that can protect its internal components from dirt, scratches, rain and insects. It has a quad-fan that can keep the TV cool and dry in temperature up to 122 deg. Fahrenheit. It has an internal thermostatically-controlled heater than can protect the TV when the temperature is low such as -24 deg. Fahrenheit. It has an innovative water-tight cable entry system that has a pass-through design that keeps cables dry and allows easy hook-ups. It has an anti-reflective window that reduces glare, increases the contrast and protects the LCD screen. It has a detachable speaker module, control buttons and a remote control that are water-resistant.

You could protect more your outdoor LCD TV with a SunBriteTV 46” Outdoor TV Dust Cover. It is made of a weatherproof 4-ply polypropylene. It has a UV protection fabric. It comes with Velcro straps for a secure fit.

You could also buy a SunBriteTV Ceiling Mount for 46” TV. It has an articulating ceiling mount bracket that tilts downward for up to 15 degrees and swings to 90 degrees, left or right. It has an extension tube that adjusts 3-inch to 9-inch above the TV, up to the ceiling.

You could also add a SunBriteTV Wireless Audio FM Transmitter for 46” TV. It sends audio from a SunBrite TV to your FM radio stereo system. It allows the TV’s audio to be played through the built-in speakers or any FM radio system you have.

You will surely have a relaxing and fun time in your patio with outdoor TVS and other entertainment systems.

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