Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Contemporary End Tables for A Contemporary Living Room

Home décor is an ever-changing method of home designing which adapts to the ever-changing mode of style. Since the 90’s, modernism  has taken the front seat in interior designs through bringing back the basics in architecture.

Modern living room furniture follows form after function. Blowing away unnecessary features, furniture designers prioritize what it has to do more that what it has to look like. This results to a simplistic yet fully functional set of modern living room furniture that help in maintaining a clean and minimalist effect in your home.

However, a new branch of art and designing has stemmed out from modernism and that is contemporary art. Contemporary art, unlike modernism, deals more with the present trend and style rather than of the 90’s. Although used interchangeably, this mode of designing is more edgy, bold, and flexible than modern design. A contemporary living room may have the same feel as to that of a modern living room but its furniture has more asymmetrical features in contrast to a stick-to-basic modern living room furniture. We don’t have to be partisans though and a mix of these elegant designs don’t negate each other out since they are more or less from the same era of designing.

Modern living room furniture complements a contemporary living room with its minimal approach. It’s important to create balance to sustain visual harmony in our homes. Sure, a contemporary living room dares to be bold but we don’t want to let “boldness” dominate the scene if we want to put a focus on it. If we want a certain object to stand out, surround it with toned down colors and form; that’s what modern living room furniture are for. 

Galaxy Chrome/GlassTable
To complement a contemporary chair or a decorative wall art, try surrounding it modern end table. These kind of modern living room furniture can accentuate the room with its highly unconventional support or base without stealing the limelight of a contemporary living room. Modern end tables tone down eccentricity with its simple elegance. Other than an effective aesthetic support, these kind of modern room furniture provides convenience and comfort. Take for example the Zuo Modern Galaxy Chrome/GlassTable. Its profound simplicity allows you to magnify a contemporary art piece – a vase for example. Made up of chrome steel and glass, supported by one base, this modern living room furniture adds spark and slenderness to your home design. For a cutting edge piece like this, we have to make sure that it’s from a reliable company that ensures endurance to our furniture, considering that it’s a whole new design that deviates from the usual four-base tables.

Artistic strides must be taken to create an ideal contemporary living room. But like what was mentioned, harmony and balance must not be overlooked in your home décor. Accessorize it with modern living room furniture: it’s chic, affordable and convenient.


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    1. :) Thanks for the wonderful comments. So glad you appreciate these furnishing ideas.

      Please tell me when you would add one to your living room! :D