Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Contemporary Wall Art

You can never be too creative with your wall art --- especially if it’s contemporary! The designs and styles of contemporary wall art know no boundaries; they only exist in your willingness to experiment. The unconventional and the unique often get high praise because of their distinct aesthetic quality.

Strange as a contemporary wall art, distressed wood has been actually used for creative purposes since earlier times until now. This Rennick by Uttermost is made of reclaimed pine wood with a rusty streak. True, it’s not your common wall art but that’s what makes it special. Its texture, design and the fact that it’s made of old pine wood, gives it a life of its own, a story to tell. It symbolizes a life uncontrolled by excessive need and glamour, a philosophy rooted in simplicity. 

Metal plaques exude a sense of extravagance, power, and royalty. It gives off a classical elegance that not every home décor can complement. This Metal Kivalina by Uttermost perfectly fits the description of a high-profile contemporary wall art. Bringing out a vibe of antiquity with its deep red stain and antiqued bronze undertones, this art piece of woven metal strips is a perfect example of a grandiose contemporary wall art.

Antiqued mirrors can also be a fabulous contemporary wall art, especially if they are arched. The Granby by Uttermost decorative arch features a rustic brown finish and heavily antiqued mirrors. This contemporary piece is simple classical and pristine, adding character and charm to your home décor. 

Every piece of contemporary wall art, or any piece of furniture for that matter, has a certain character that affects the room and affects you. It’s important to know what kind of mood you want your room to exude and how your personality can jive with it, to make you a perfect pair!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Lighten up With Moden Light Fixtures

Whether big or small, conventional or unconventional, traditional or modern, modern light fixtures bring with them a certain mood of charm and magic especially if layered with other lights. Nighttime can indeed be a fabulous time for your home décor. Highlighting walls and ornaments make modern light fixtures indispensable in bringing out the best in your home. The same effect also happens to satisfied homeowners: fantastic lights make fantastic evenings with family and friends.

Style evolves and the once gaudily designed wall lamps have stepped up with a simplistic and futuristic image. They too have gained more amazing features that increase their functions as home lights. Some however, have opted to retain some features of the time past to preserve its elegance and significance in the evolution of aesthetics.

So you’d like a twist of historical drama and a blast from the gaudy past that you've seen in your favorite classic movies. There’s nothing to be ashamed about when you can have the Kenroy Home Antoinette 2 Light Sconce by Kenroy Home.

Inspired by the classic art of the Maria Antoinette era, this sconce or wall lamp stands out in a very elegant but relevantly clean design fit for a glamorous taste. In weathered silver with glass accents finish, this modern light fixture is perfectly suitable for formal gatherings, or as an accent furniture. In this creative twist of classic and modern art, heads are sure to turn in your French royalty inspired home décor.

What’s great about modern light fixtures are its creativity and flexibility to respond to all tastes and every interest: personal preferences are not subject to change by trend, that is if you’re passionate enough about your current interests.  In home décor, you are the royalty and your home is your kingdom.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Foyer for YOU - Entryway Storage

Having a foyer proves to be advantageous in keeping your house organized, tidy, and classic. A foyer or an entry way makes for a spacious environment and an elegant one if the arrangement and the furniture are well-chosen and well-arranged. If given the right attention and design, a foyer can create a welcoming mood to your home that charms any guests. In relation to that, a foyer needs to be adorned with beautiful and convenient furniture. So read along and see if it’s the right piece for your foyer – entryway storage.

Entry Way Storage

 With all the pressures and hustles of a busy day, one cannot afford to forget their belongings and necessities. In such a scenario, you’ll be late for work or sweat on your new clean clothes and your day is ruined just like that. You need a safe place to keep your belongings; a place where you know they will be.  A foyer is also empty without entryway storage furniture.  Entryway storage furniture can add a classic style and a tidy appeal which is essential in giving your home a positive first impression. 

And you’ll never go wrong with white, as this entry way storage brings the whole essence of neatness and order. With just the appropriate size for an adequate modern home, the unit saves up the space to widen up your foyer.

Home     Styles brings you the chic and convenient with their Naples Hall Tree with White Finish. This multipurpose entry way storage has a sitting area that can be flipped into a storage chest. It also has four double storage hooks and a lift-top storage compartment. Engineered for durability and with its strong composition of poplar solids and engineered wood, this entry way storage can stand the test of time with its function and beauty.

In modern home décor, less is more; simplicity is elegant. With simple entry way storage, your foyer can have a charming, comfortable, and easy aura, which is what modern homes should have.  There is no perfect foyer though, just ideal ones that fits the variety of tastes.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Crazed on Contemporary Modern Lighting

Crazed on Lamp Shades

Sometimes we just want to relax or simply sit by the couch and think. Sometimes we don’t want to use a lot of light; sometimes all we need is a lampshade. A lampshade has a warm, comforting glow that adds a dramatic effect in our living rooms, bedrooms, or offices. Its light resembles that of a fireplace and so it gives off a homey, classic vibe. In contemporary modern lighting, lamp shades help a lot in creating the mood – and bringing style and elegance to our homes.

Revamping Lamp Shades

 If you have been using a lampshade for years and realized that it can actually look better, revamping is not an impossible task. In fact, it can be very easy and fun! You can change its shade into something more striking, more modern, more YOU. You’d be surprised to see the variety of colors and art design lamp shades can now actually have. From simple to classic, to classic to traditional, contemporary modern lighting can shed off some skin to suit the latest art trend or the latest YOU. So read on and you might see something you like.

Styles to Choose From

Metallic silk shades 

Exuding traditional and modern styles, metallic silk shades are a good way to sophisticate your room. This example is the Uttermost Becca Unique Lamp by Uttermost. Designed by David Frisch, its silkened silver textile is also perfect for offices where you want to have a “formal” mood. But unlike whitewashed fixtures, this contemporary modern lighting is less flexible to complement all kinds of design styles. 

Pendant shades 

Modern and chic, pendant shades accentuates a room with its highly-glamorous yet low-key design. This confusing combination is shown in this Illuminating Experiences Le Klint 175 Pendants by Illuminating Experiences. This hand-folded sculptural pendant was actually designed by Poul Christiansen, a designer of modern lighting whose designs have been timeless.

Rectangular shape shade

Yes, it’s unconventional and that is why it’s worth the try. With its profound geometrical features, this contemporary modern lighting is a sure visual delight that adds funky yet elegant accent to your office, living room, or bedroom. This example is the Uttermost Billerica In Rectangular Shape Shade Lamp by Uttermost, designed by Billy Moon.

Small shades 

Never underestimate the power of small shades. Small shades get attention simply by being small. Besides being cute, this contemporary modern lighting is perfect for small or medium sized rooms. The image you see is the Uttermost Caperana Bell Shape Lamp by Uttermost, designed by Carolyn Kinder. With its leaf details, this small shade brings a natural and chic impression to your room.

Carabella shades 

Carabella shades display a hut-like feature which almost looks oriental – modern oriental to be specific. It’s unique, cool and definitely a scene stealer. This Uttermost Carabella Table Lamp by Uttermost was designed by Carolyn Kinder. Flaunting a curled metal finish in a crackled oil rubbed bronze, this lamp shade is best for offices and living rooms for its delicate features.

Revamping your home can start by revamping your furniture and lighting fixtures. The samples above are just some of the many lamp shades design available in the market. Just consider your home size and home décor concept. You wouldn’t want to have a furniture mismatch, do you? And when you have a small or medium sized room, it’s better to go for small shades. If there are already too much colors in your room, stick for minimalist and whitewash lamp shades. In contemporary modern lighting, your style is the best style and so you’ll never run out of options.