Friday, February 17, 2012

Lighten up With Moden Light Fixtures

Whether big or small, conventional or unconventional, traditional or modern, modern light fixtures bring with them a certain mood of charm and magic especially if layered with other lights. Nighttime can indeed be a fabulous time for your home décor. Highlighting walls and ornaments make modern light fixtures indispensable in bringing out the best in your home. The same effect also happens to satisfied homeowners: fantastic lights make fantastic evenings with family and friends.

Style evolves and the once gaudily designed wall lamps have stepped up with a simplistic and futuristic image. They too have gained more amazing features that increase their functions as home lights. Some however, have opted to retain some features of the time past to preserve its elegance and significance in the evolution of aesthetics.

So you’d like a twist of historical drama and a blast from the gaudy past that you've seen in your favorite classic movies. There’s nothing to be ashamed about when you can have the Kenroy Home Antoinette 2 Light Sconce by Kenroy Home.

Inspired by the classic art of the Maria Antoinette era, this sconce or wall lamp stands out in a very elegant but relevantly clean design fit for a glamorous taste. In weathered silver with glass accents finish, this modern light fixture is perfectly suitable for formal gatherings, or as an accent furniture. In this creative twist of classic and modern art, heads are sure to turn in your French royalty inspired home décor.

What’s great about modern light fixtures are its creativity and flexibility to respond to all tastes and every interest: personal preferences are not subject to change by trend, that is if you’re passionate enough about your current interests.  In home décor, you are the royalty and your home is your kingdom.


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