Thursday, June 28, 2012

5 Fun Features for Your Remodeled Basement

It took months of planning and thousands of dollars, but you finally finished your basement remodeling project. Now that all of the dust has settled, it is time to add some furnishings to your new entertainment zone. There are of course the essentials, like a flat-screen television and sofa. But what else can you add that will leave a lasting impression on your guests? Here are 5 fun ideas for distinguishing your basement from the rest!


LCD Fireplace

That’s right, the old days of chimney sweeps and splitting logs has been replaced by the same technology that powers our computer screens. LCD fireplaces are not only mesmerizing to stare at, but you won’t need to install a chimney or sacrifice any square-footage. These units can be placed anywhere on the wall, and the majority of them produce 5,000 BTU’s of heat. That is more than enough to heat a 150 square feet by itself.

Surround Sound

It is crazy how much people spend on state-of-the-art televisions and Blu-Ray players, only to settle for the hollow sound that comes through their tiny speakers. At the very least there are two sound components that every basement should have: A soundbar to accent high-pitch frequencies, and a sub-woofer to enhance the low-pitch ones. You can find a quality set of both for around $500. Not only will you enjoy better sound, but this simple addition will turn your basement into THE place to watch the big game!

Mod Loft Vector TV Stand in Imbuia - Black modern entertainment center

The LoveSac

What do you get when you pack 80 pounds of foam into a 6-foot, custom designed fabric bag? A LoveSac SuperSac of course. Clear your mind of any bad memories you have of the old bean bags made of cheap pleather that used to leak Styrofoam everywhere. This super-sized bag of fun will instantly become the best seat in the house. And don’t worry about your kids jumping on them, all LoveSacs come with a lifetime warranty and the covers are machine washable.


The last thing you want at your party is to have everyone sitting around watching reruns, which is why you’ll want to add some interactivity to your basement. A karaoke machine is just the thing to spice up the night. For about a hundred bucks you can get an above-average unit that links to your television and includes wireless microphones. Look for models that integrate with your iPod, as this will give you access to the diverse selection of karaoke tracks from iTunes.

Foosball Table

Poll tables are great but they take up a lot of room, and they are downright expensive. Enter the foosball table, which typically measures about 4 feet long by 3 feet wide. Foosball is a fast and exciting game that almost anyone can pick up in a matter of minutes. Up to four people can play at a time, so your guests will have something to do while waiting for their turn at karaoke!

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Your Choice: Traditional or Modern Outdoor Furniture

When it comes enhancing your outdoor patio, garden, sun-room, or deck, proper exterior landscaping and the careful accommodation of outdoor furniture is crucial. Today, furniture companies are designing and manufacturing outdoor furniture with the ideal size, style, and color that will help home owners achieve the desired look and feel that they want for their home. You can opt for the classic and timeless splendor of traditional outdoor furniture or the more sophisticated and futuristic appeal of modern outdoor furniture.

All Things Cedar Teak Furniture Swing
All Things Cedar Teak Furniture Swing

Traditional outdoor furniture designs are exquisitely detailed and luxuriously crafted. It offers a distinct style that can add beauty and grandeur in your outdoor scenery and a style that manifests sophistication in taste and class. The outdoor furniture also has the appearance and impression that can be both formal and graciously casual. It is because of these features that traditional outdoor furniture designs are commonly employed in many outdoor swings, gazebos, special garden rooms, green houses, and in sun-rooms.

Vifah Modern Patio Steel Hammock Stand in Classic Arc Design

Modern outdoor furniture designs, on the other hand, are brought about by the advancement of technology and techniques in furniture manufacturing. The outdoor furniture features clean straight forward designs and geometrically sound lines and shapes. The furniture is highly functional and space efficient ideal for outdoor spaces with limited areas. It also comes in unique colors, textures, and patterns that are not present in traditional outdoor furniture.

You should carefully decide the type of outdoor furniture design, whether traditional outdoor furniture design or modern outdoor furniture design, that will embody your outdoor living space. Modern outdoor furniture, however, holds many advantages over traditional outdoor furniture in terms of functionally, comfort, material, and ease of use making it the typically preferred choice by a substantial homeowners worldwide. The level of sophistication in manufacturing and the cutting edge digital technology utilized in creating modern outdoor furniture has made it today’s ultimate outdoor furniture.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Exploring New Materials and Possibilities with Modern Furniture

Lebello Circle Chair
Lebello Circle Chair
In the wake of the industrial revolution, a stream of brand new materials continued to flood the market paving the way for innovative designs and exciting modern furniture pieces that people would have never thought possible. Modern materials like plastic and plywood permitted creative minds and revolutionary concepts in design to flourish. This was the time where wood stepped down as the prime medium for manufacturing heavy-duty furniture pieces. Mass production facilities had also made it possible to create elegant furniture on a grand scale, which have made it accessible to a larger socioeconomic cross section of the world’s population.

EHO Studios Light Polished Plywood Bar Stool with Gas Lift - Set Of 2EHO Studios Polished Plywood Bar Stool with Chrome Legs - Set Of 2EHO Studios Polished Plywood Bar Stool with Chrome Legs - Set Of 2

Plywood, a revolutionary material in furniture manufacturing, consists of thin layers of wood bonded together. The great feature of this material is that when you glue together similar layers of wood, it permits a durable base that can be molded into organic shapes providing great versatility. This material has made designers like Charles and Ray Eames highly popular with their designs. With its naturally smooth finish, simple look, and elegant organic curves, plywood furniture pieces like, EHO Studios Polished Plywood Bar Stool with Chrome Legs, can offer a retro modern look and feel to any space.

EHO Studios Red ABS Plastic Dining ChairEHO Studios Black ABS Plastic Dining Chair

Through countless research and experimentation, Polymer resin and plastic have become a reliable materials for furniture designs and manufacturing. The extremely versatile material allows companies to create furniture pieces in almost any form and style. And with a fluid surface, bright colors, and functional features, the medium has become a popular choice for countless homeowners worldwide.

Needless to say, the industrial revolution has completely changed the world in which we live. Whereas before traditional furniture of significant value and desirability were normally only available to a select few, today, the advancement of technology has allowed companies to manufacture stylish modern furniture, with extreme practical and functional features, that is accessible to ordinary homeowners, forever changing home and furnishing design.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Enjoying Heat of the Summer with Modern Outdoor Furniture

If you live in places where your summers are truly amazing, but don’t last long enough, you need to be able to make the most of them while you can. One of the best ways to take full advantage of the fun and excitement of the summer season is with the use of modern outdoor furniture. It gives you the comfort and functionality to enjoy those perfect summer days. It is built with sun-proof materials, allowing you to enjoy the heat of the sun all season long.

Lebello Diamond Bar Table

Modern outdoor furniture has everything you need from lounge chairs, love-seats, to Adirondack chairs, helping you make the most out of your lazy summer days. For a relaxing moment under the sun, you can use different kinds of modern sun loungers. Its straightforward designs can support your body with ease as you tenderly bask under the warm heat of the summer sun. The furniture is also made with quality durable materials that never heats up under long hours of exposure to the sun.

Infinita SplashLounger Cream-Ivory 

If you have done some research about modern outdoor furniture, you are aware that there are almost unlimited options you can choose from, in terms of style and material, today. From chairs, tables, loungers, benches available in teak, resin, or polymer, this type of furniture has everything you need to maximize the short yet amazing moments you can do outdoors during summer. And with its extremely durable materials and innovative designs, modern outdoor furniture can be used for many summers to come.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Contemporary Living Room in the Forefront

Lifestyle Solutions Capitola Casual Convertible in Copper - A Modern Living Room Furniture
Lifestyle Solutions Capitola Casual Convertible in Copper
A contemporary living room manifests the impression of functionality and openness. It has a more streamlined appearance, with a heavy emphasis on fine lines and smooth edges, and leans toward muted colour tones and textures. With the use of sleek modern furniture, a contemporary living room is highly fashionable offering a fresh and futuristic perspective in style. It gives the impression of progression and pace in a modern world where living spaces are continually shrinking in size.

For many people, the living room is the greatest place to unwind and/or entertain visitors. The living room, therefore, should have a great visual appeal and a relaxing aura that is made possible with the integration of sophisticated yet comfortable contemporary living room furniture. Today, many people are already investing in contemporary furniture to embellish the artistic value of their living space and provide it with optimum comfort. Manufacturers have responded to the needs of the people and have created various exquisite dining tables, sofa sets, recliners, stylish stools, side tables, mirrors, as well as decorative wall units with stunningly attractive and comfortable features.

Since contemporary living room has come to the forefront of interior design, different types of modern furniture are increasingly being produced each day. The majority of this modern living room furniture has simple yet innovative designs and structure. They are usually incorporated with creative designs made possible by new trends and  concepts in furniture design with the advancement of modern day digital technology. Utilizing clean geometric shapes, the modern living room offers great spacing and ambiance.

Adesso Contour Solid Brentwood Finish Coffee Table for your Modern Living Room
Adesso Contour Solid Brentwood Finish Coffee Table
The fast paced world we are living in  today has given birth to a new class of living room design. The contemporary living room has answered the call for better space utilization without sacrificing comfort, beauty, and functionality. This innovative living room approach offers novelty in colour patterns utilizing bold and bright colour schemes which create a futuristic design that appeals to numerous tastes and preferences. And unlike traditional living rooms, the contemporary living room utilizes modern furniture that is constantly evolving to satisfy the ever changing needs and desires of households worldwide.