Thursday, June 28, 2012

5 Fun Features for Your Remodeled Basement

It took months of planning and thousands of dollars, but you finally finished your basement remodeling project. Now that all of the dust has settled, it is time to add some furnishings to your new entertainment zone. There are of course the essentials, like a flat-screen television and sofa. But what else can you add that will leave a lasting impression on your guests? Here are 5 fun ideas for distinguishing your basement from the rest!


LCD Fireplace

That’s right, the old days of chimney sweeps and splitting logs has been replaced by the same technology that powers our computer screens. LCD fireplaces are not only mesmerizing to stare at, but you won’t need to install a chimney or sacrifice any square-footage. These units can be placed anywhere on the wall, and the majority of them produce 5,000 BTU’s of heat. That is more than enough to heat a 150 square feet by itself.

Surround Sound

It is crazy how much people spend on state-of-the-art televisions and Blu-Ray players, only to settle for the hollow sound that comes through their tiny speakers. At the very least there are two sound components that every basement should have: A soundbar to accent high-pitch frequencies, and a sub-woofer to enhance the low-pitch ones. You can find a quality set of both for around $500. Not only will you enjoy better sound, but this simple addition will turn your basement into THE place to watch the big game!

Mod Loft Vector TV Stand in Imbuia - Black modern entertainment center

The LoveSac

What do you get when you pack 80 pounds of foam into a 6-foot, custom designed fabric bag? A LoveSac SuperSac of course. Clear your mind of any bad memories you have of the old bean bags made of cheap pleather that used to leak Styrofoam everywhere. This super-sized bag of fun will instantly become the best seat in the house. And don’t worry about your kids jumping on them, all LoveSacs come with a lifetime warranty and the covers are machine washable.


The last thing you want at your party is to have everyone sitting around watching reruns, which is why you’ll want to add some interactivity to your basement. A karaoke machine is just the thing to spice up the night. For about a hundred bucks you can get an above-average unit that links to your television and includes wireless microphones. Look for models that integrate with your iPod, as this will give you access to the diverse selection of karaoke tracks from iTunes.

Foosball Table

Poll tables are great but they take up a lot of room, and they are downright expensive. Enter the foosball table, which typically measures about 4 feet long by 3 feet wide. Foosball is a fast and exciting game that almost anyone can pick up in a matter of minutes. Up to four people can play at a time, so your guests will have something to do while waiting for their turn at karaoke!

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