Thursday, June 14, 2012

Exploring New Materials and Possibilities with Modern Furniture

Lebello Circle Chair
Lebello Circle Chair
In the wake of the industrial revolution, a stream of brand new materials continued to flood the market paving the way for innovative designs and exciting modern furniture pieces that people would have never thought possible. Modern materials like plastic and plywood permitted creative minds and revolutionary concepts in design to flourish. This was the time where wood stepped down as the prime medium for manufacturing heavy-duty furniture pieces. Mass production facilities had also made it possible to create elegant furniture on a grand scale, which have made it accessible to a larger socioeconomic cross section of the world’s population.

EHO Studios Light Polished Plywood Bar Stool with Gas Lift - Set Of 2EHO Studios Polished Plywood Bar Stool with Chrome Legs - Set Of 2EHO Studios Polished Plywood Bar Stool with Chrome Legs - Set Of 2

Plywood, a revolutionary material in furniture manufacturing, consists of thin layers of wood bonded together. The great feature of this material is that when you glue together similar layers of wood, it permits a durable base that can be molded into organic shapes providing great versatility. This material has made designers like Charles and Ray Eames highly popular with their designs. With its naturally smooth finish, simple look, and elegant organic curves, plywood furniture pieces like, EHO Studios Polished Plywood Bar Stool with Chrome Legs, can offer a retro modern look and feel to any space.

EHO Studios Red ABS Plastic Dining ChairEHO Studios Black ABS Plastic Dining Chair

Through countless research and experimentation, Polymer resin and plastic have become a reliable materials for furniture designs and manufacturing. The extremely versatile material allows companies to create furniture pieces in almost any form and style. And with a fluid surface, bright colors, and functional features, the medium has become a popular choice for countless homeowners worldwide.

Needless to say, the industrial revolution has completely changed the world in which we live. Whereas before traditional furniture of significant value and desirability were normally only available to a select few, today, the advancement of technology has allowed companies to manufacture stylish modern furniture, with extreme practical and functional features, that is accessible to ordinary homeowners, forever changing home and furnishing design.

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