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Space Saving Furniture For Loft Conversions

Lofts are typically one large room that serves as a bedroom and living room; there is also an attached bathroom and a small kitchen. Because of the limited space, it is necessary to maximize the available space with economical and multifunctional furniture. Read on for some tips on purchasing furniture that can serve as seating, decoration and storage.

Store Shoes, Off-Season Clothing and Textbooks Under The Bed
This is an often overlooked space that is great for storing items that are only used seasonally, such as sweaters, coats and boots. It is also convenient for storing shoes out of sight. Heavy textbooks can also be stored here during summer months.

TrueModern 11 Ply Twin Bed with 2 Drawers
TrueModern 11 Ply Twin Bed with 2 Drawers

Corner Desks Utilize Space Maximally
Desks that sit in the corner utilize space that can otherwise be wasted. One desk can serve as a computer desk, keyboard area, writing surface and storage for books, papers, files and a clock. A chair of the appropriate size can also fit under the desk and can be pushed in to save space when not in use. Here is a less expensive version that is more compact for approximately half the price.

Home Styles City Chic Corner Lap Top Desk Espresso Finish
Home Styles City Chic Corner Lap Top Desk Espresso Finish

Hang Items On The Wall
Walls are also a secret form of storage space that many people forget to utilize. You can hang shelves on the wall to hold books, picture frames, clocks and other knickknacks. Make sure to purchase a sturdy set that will not break; also install it properly to make sure it does not fall off the wall under the weight of the items placed on it. Another option is to hang a coat rack on the hallway wall to hang coats, scarves, bags and umbrellas, eliminating the need to store them in overcrowded closets. The final place to hang hooks is the back of bedroom and bathroom doors. There are also hanging shelves or racks that can be placed here to store socks, undershirts, underwear, ties and a variety of other items. This eliminates the need for shelves and dressers for these small items.

Uttermost Cato Entryway Shelf
Uttermost Cato Entryway Shelf

Folding Furniture
You can save space by purchasing furniture that can be folded and stored away when not in use. Tables and chairs are good options; be sure to purchase a durable and quality set in an appropriate size. For having guests or other occasions, they can be set up easily and then dismounted and stored away. A sofa bed may also be useful if there is not enough room to have a sofa and a bed in your loft. Depending on the type of loft you have, you can also install a kitchen table on the wall that can be folded down when not in use.

Lifestyle Solutions Napa Convertible Sofa in Java (Sofa-Bed)
Lifestyle Solutions Napa Convertible Sofa in Java (Sofa/Bed)

Other Options To Look For
When searching for furniture, do not limit yourself to a store. Instead, browse online for discounts, coupons, and sales. Other ideas to consider are footrests that open up to reveal a storage compartment; these are good for storing throws, pillows and remote controls. Look for a coffee table that also has a lower surface to it; you can place magazines and books here for an accessible but tidy appearance. Be creative when it comes to furniture that also serves a storage purpose in your loft.

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