Friday, August 24, 2012

Making A Fashion Statement in Your Home with Modern Chairs

Mod Loft Clarges Modern Dining Chair in Black
Mod Loft Clarges Modern Dining Chair in Black

By just simply looking around in the furniture market today, you will find that there is a great abundance of different modern chairs with different unique styles and designs to choose from. The hard part is selecting the color and shape that will fit nicely in your home. The great news, however, is that chairs manufactured with contemporary designs are often versatile and can easily fit nicely in any area of your home whether indoors or outdoors.

Mod Loft Oakley Armchair Red
Mod Loft Oakley Armchair Red

The kind of design, style, and material that you want in your modern chairs will depend on the place where you want to put it. If you want to put it in the outdoors, in your patio, or in your garden, choose contemporary designs that are built for outside use. The chairs should have weather resilient features so they can stand the harmful elements of the weather. Materials like aluminum and teak wood are smart choices for your outdoor chairs as these materials have natural resistance against the sun, rain, heat, and cold. Aluminum chairs, with anti corrosive properties, are also smart investments as these outdoor chairs are lightweight making them very easy to carry around when you want to transfer them from your patio to your pool or in your garden.

Mod Loft Earl Armchair
Mod Loft Earl Armchair

The advent of modern chairs has extended the boundaries of home seating. Before, people relied on the use of traditional wooden chairs to enhance the comfort and functionality of their homes. Though having a unique beautiful in its own, traditional chairs have very limited features and uses compared to innovative contemporary chairs. With modern chairs you can enjoy affordable prices, superb materials, versatile designs, and tons of other great features that you simply cannot find in the traditional chairs of the past. Check out our collection of modern seating now.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Indian-Inspired Bedroom

Exotic, glowing, intricate, sumptuous are just few of the many words that define that flows from the far eastern country of India. It bears a rich and vibrant culture that celebrates the different colors, sounds, and tastes of life. With that optimistic view, Indians have developed unique and elaborated designs that hold a prominent trademark in the world of fashion and home décor. So if you want to get away from the usual design and experience a whole new world, you’re a really just a carpet ride away from a truly Indian-inspired bedroom!

First, remember that achieving a particular motif doesn’t demand a large budget for a total makeover. You don’t have to start from scratch. To be practical, all you need is home accent furniture that make a whole lot of difference to your room to fit with a small budget.  Spice up your bedroom with effective home accent furniture to add a different twist.

 Modern Duvet

A modern duvet can act as a very efficient home accent furniture. Dressing up your bed with an Indian-inspired cover for your duvet makes it easier to see your bedroom in a new light. Colorful accent duvet covers add glow and warmth to your bedroom, and here you can find beautiful duvet covers which transform a room with its vibrant Indian touch.

Koko Company Essential Reversible Duvet Cover 

This modern duvet cover injects romance, blithe, and femininity. Its youthful aura brightens the room with its rich texture and vivid colors—perfect for a fun sleepover or an Indian-inspired pajama party with friends!

Koko Company Silk Coverlet in Orange 

If you want a strong Indian accent for your duvet, cover it up with silky orange. This eye-grabbing color conjures the majestic vibe of the Indian culture. Matching it with silky fuchsia creates a stunning elegance. Embroidered silk and bold colors exudes powerful influence to your Indian-inspired bedroom. 

Koko Company Silk Coverlet in Rust / Sage

The rustic look never gets out of style with Indian décor. Antique accents bring out an exotic flair, and with this modern duvet color, your bedroom gets a taste of classic Indian style in a chic modern way.


Koko Company Silk Coverlet in Turquoise / Lime

You can also opt for a cool version of Indian-inspired modern duvet cover. A turquoise silk fabric exudes freshness and tranquility to your bedroom. Moreover, this lovely colr shade is associated with good fortune and health.

Other Furniture
You can always match your modern Indian-inspired duvet with modern Indian-inspired furniture for a more modern Indian-inspired bedroom! Indian décor uses furniture like dressers, cabinets, and tables, that are made of wood but intricately designed and crafted.

Home Styles Cabana Lingerie

A modern Indian-inspired cabinet is simple yet functional, wooden but delicately made. Indians appreciate handwoven furniture for the artful craftsmanship that takes effort. A rustic feature is also a plus.

      Oceanstar Laundry Wood Hamper 

Modernized by its sleek black finish, this modern Indian-inspired laundry hamper neutralizes the color in your bedroom while bearing a subtle beauty of its own with its interwoven texture. This defines modern Indian-inspired elegance.

Chandra Rugs Dharma

Nothing represents Indian decor more than elaborate prints and stylish patterns of nature designs. This modern Indian-inspired wool rug completes your overall motif with its simple elegance.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Trust Your Animal Instincts

Your animal instincts can help you move up in life. In the corporate world, you’ve got to be ahead of the game and prepared for last minute changes, sudden appointments, and extra workloads,  while keeping your cool. Furthermore, it’s takes time to be a predator but dismayingly easy to be the prey. It’s something to surely ponder, but don’t let the whole corporate jungle pressure overwhelm you and tear you into pieces. Deal with it creatively instead. How? By making it an inspiration to your contemporary office furniture!
Animal print furniture never goes unnoticed with its exotic design: Nature is indeed a fierce designer. As accent furniture, these designs can evoke the characteristics of a certain animal. Some animals symbolize tranquility, gentleness, and humility while others have represent aggression, fierceness, and firmness. What kind of a leader are you? Make sure that you choose the right design that blends with your personality in the workplace.

If you’re the kind of leader who uses creativity in facing problems, open-minded yet logical, buoyant yet careful, then this zebra-print chair represents you well. This strikingly fabulous contemporary office furniture is comfort plus style in one package. Also, the white and black tandem gives a classic look to your office. The woven antique black and white  paired with nickel nail head details and fluted carvings in a distressed black, adds additional glamour. It also features an adjustable height and swivel castors for a more comfortable sitting experience. And yes, the zebra print looks dashing and wild, voguish even!

But if you want to be the predator and not the prey, think like a leopard. You’re the kind of leader who imposes for the good of the company. You are strict and cunning. Moreover, you motivate your employees through intimidation but the result is often worth it. This contemporary office furniture screams of authority and fierceness with its leopard-print. This Aarika armchair by Uttermost is a luxurious display of comfort and fierceness to your office. Furthermore, the coordinating chenille seat cushion and striped lumbar accent pillow gives you ease and elegance while you rule with style and fierceness.

But if you’re the gentle, approachable boss—who doesn’t scare off employees—then forget about the leopard print. You need a chair that exudes warmth and gentleness. You need a bench with a giraffe print! To create a fun and sassy atmosphere to your office, this contemporary office furniture is perfect for the job. This Crevan Armchair by Uttermost will strike you with a welcoming look while giving you the comfort you need. It features an espresso and cream welted tailoring accent with cocoa brown faux leather—certainly not a predator chair.

Your office can tell a lot about you and how you and how  handle people. In choosing contemporary office furniture that features an animal print, consider the message and the representation it carries. Don’t choose a design that misrepresents you.  Opt for comfort without sacrificing a style that fits you.

Bring Color and Ease To Your Workplace

           Your home office doesn’t have to look drab and lifeless when you can splash some colors to get you pumped up with energy for long hours of work. You don't have to be Willy Wonka to realize the importance and effects of colors to one's mood and attitude. Moreover, it’s not just your office, it’s also your home. Your home office deserves equal attention in design and comfort. Make the most out of being your own boss inside your abode and end the day without back pains. Here are some striking chairs for your modern home office desks that can bring out the best in you and your home office.

 This unique, sleek purple home office furniture makes office hours appealing---and fun! This OfficeStar Tot Chair in Purple Faux Leather by Office Star is like candy wrapped in your seat, it’s sweet and energizing. In fact, it doesn't have the office chair look, rather it makes your home office appear as homey and comfy as any other rooms in your house. 

Office Star Charcoal Matrix Back

But for long hours of work, you need a chair that takes care of you like the heavy duty Office Star Charcoal MatrixBack. Instead of using ordinary and ergonomically challenged chair that can even cause uneasiness, why not settle for a more efficient and cozier furniture? It's the perfect gift for workaholics who sometimes tend to neglect physical comfort that may lead to physical pain. 

Office Star Mesh Task Chair 

For a simpler style, you can have the Mesh Task Chair by Office Star. It’s has a one touch pneumatic seat height adjustment that swivels to 360 degrees. What else? It’s a chic net back chair that looks elegant with its minimalist feature and relaxing color. It's perfect for small offices where you have to be space-conscious. This furniture has a slender feature and a minty color for a stylish and space-consuming look. 

Office Star Self Adjusting Spaceflex 
For a tangy twist, try the Adjusting Spaceflex Backrest Support System in Tang by OfficeStar. This thick padded 2-layer mesh seat spells optimized c-o-m-f-o-r-t, especially with its self adjusting mechanism that uses your body weight as a counter-balance. It also has a backrest lock and anti-kickback height-adjustable arms with pads. In short, they’re the perfect seat for a workaholic who need not to be bothered with unnecessary uneasiness and discomfort, given that you have enough space in your home office. 

It’s not enough to have a fully-functional modern home office desk, a comfortable chair that reinvigorates it’s owner is also essential for a comfortable working experience. Since you work hard, you only deserve the best, and with these chairs, you can have the royal treatment you deserve. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Modern Furniture for Your Health and the Environment

Utilizing the latest cutting-edge technology and techniques in furniture manufacturing, modern furniture pieces are designed to provide optimum comfort, ease of use, and style. Revolutionary innovations in furniture design have paved the way for contemporary furniture pieces that maximize practical shapes, clean curved lines, and angles. The result is a new brand of furniture style with smooth lines and uncluttered edges and striking designs that are highly functional and space efficient.

Mod Loft Audley 18 Inch Modern Dining Chair in Black
Mod Loft Audley 18 Inch Modern Dining Chair in Black 

But what is even more amazing about modern furniture is the fact that it is currently available in sustainable materials such as rattan, bamboo, organic latex, polymer plastic, and other eco-friendly materials. Manufacturers are making use of these materials because not only are they inexpensive and commonly disregarded, but they are also friendly to people, health and the environment. Most people think that is not possible to create fashionable furniture out of sustainable materials but high end designs and modern technology have actually paved the way for these highly elegant and amazingly comfortable contemporary furniture pieces.

Mod Loft Clarges Modern Dining Chair in Black
Mod Loft Clarges Modern Dining Chair in Black 

But what most people probably are not aware of is the fact that sustainable materials, such as bamboo, organic latex, recycled fabric, and other environment-friendly materials are the future of furniture manufacturing. In fact, some manufacturers make use of wood from trees that were specifically planted and grown to be used in the creation of wood-based home furniture products. Bamboo plywood, for instance, is often used as the base material for furniture such as beds, desks and tables.

La Fete Goal
La Fete Goal 

Sustainable materials are not only friendly to the environment but to our health as well. Organic latex, for example, is naturally hypoallergenic, making it safe for children’s use and for people with a history of allergy attacks. Modern furniture refrains from the use of toxic chemicals like fire retardants that are proven to provide health complications in the long run. What’s more, manufacturers are now utilizing recyclable materials like glass and plastic in their furniture. Indeed, modern furniture is not only useful for achieving extraordinary style, comfort, and functionality, but for maintaining a clean and healthy living environment.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Contemporary Living Room Furniture – Uniquely Dynamic, Versatile, and Stylish

Because the living room is arguably the most important area in your home, it should be properly decorated and endowed with different kinds of comfortable and functional living room furniture. One great way of furnishing your living room space is with the use of sleek and innovative contemporary living room furniture. This modern age inspired furniture offers an extensive array of different trendy styles and functional designs that can fit nicely in any living room space.

EHO Studios Ultra Modern Slate Grey Microfiber Sectional with White Seats
EHO Studios Ultra Modern Slate Grey Microfiber Sectional with White Seats

EHO Studios 2 Piece Microfiber Upholstery Sectional with Polished Chrome Legs
EHO Studios 2 Piece Microfiber Upholstery Sectional with Polished Chrome Legs

Contemporary living room furniture is the ideal furniture for people who want to pursue the modern way of living. Contemporary designs utilize straightforward designs with sophisticated shades of gray and black but also makes use of vibrant colorful cushions and fabrics to add a splash of life and excitement in the interior of home. This richness and versatility in colors and tones also makes the living room furniture compatible for outdoor use giving you the freedom to take them outside or inside depending on the season.

EHO Studios Italian Leather Upholstery Sectional with Polished Chrome Legs
EHO Studios Italian Leather Upholstery Sectional with Polished Chrome Legs

Contemporary living room furniture can also be used to create a separate area in your living room to serve as an entertainment center. In today’s contemporary furniture living room designs, you can find an extensive collection of exciting styles that highlight bold tones and lively colors, perfect for setting up a warm and inviting ambiance for your entertainment center. You can also opt for furniture pieces made from lightweight materials that are very easy to carry and move around on your own, without the help of other people, offering you the freedom to arrange them to your heart’s desire.

EHO Studios Classic Style Italian Leather Sectional
EHO Studios Classic Style Italian Leather Sectional

EHO Studios 4 Piece Contemporary Style Microfiber Sectional
EHO Studios 4 Piece Contemporary Style Microfiber Sectional

With all these great features, contemporary living room furniture truly has everything you need to enhance the quality of your living room. And with the addition of lovely home décors and a fashionable interior living room design, you will truly enjoy a one of a kind living room experience with your family and peers with the use of sleek, energetic, and versatile contemporary living room furniture.

EHO Studios Distinct Style 4 Piece Microfiber Upholstery Sectional with Attached Shelving Unit
EHO Studios Distinct Style 4 Piece Microfiber Upholstery Sectional with Attached Shelving Unit