Sunday, August 19, 2012

Bring Color and Ease To Your Workplace

           Your home office doesn’t have to look drab and lifeless when you can splash some colors to get you pumped up with energy for long hours of work. You don't have to be Willy Wonka to realize the importance and effects of colors to one's mood and attitude. Moreover, it’s not just your office, it’s also your home. Your home office deserves equal attention in design and comfort. Make the most out of being your own boss inside your abode and end the day without back pains. Here are some striking chairs for your modern home office desks that can bring out the best in you and your home office.

 This unique, sleek purple home office furniture makes office hours appealing---and fun! This OfficeStar Tot Chair in Purple Faux Leather by Office Star is like candy wrapped in your seat, it’s sweet and energizing. In fact, it doesn't have the office chair look, rather it makes your home office appear as homey and comfy as any other rooms in your house. 

Office Star Charcoal Matrix Back

But for long hours of work, you need a chair that takes care of you like the heavy duty Office Star Charcoal MatrixBack. Instead of using ordinary and ergonomically challenged chair that can even cause uneasiness, why not settle for a more efficient and cozier furniture? It's the perfect gift for workaholics who sometimes tend to neglect physical comfort that may lead to physical pain. 

Office Star Mesh Task Chair 

For a simpler style, you can have the Mesh Task Chair by Office Star. It’s has a one touch pneumatic seat height adjustment that swivels to 360 degrees. What else? It’s a chic net back chair that looks elegant with its minimalist feature and relaxing color. It's perfect for small offices where you have to be space-conscious. This furniture has a slender feature and a minty color for a stylish and space-consuming look. 

Office Star Self Adjusting Spaceflex 
For a tangy twist, try the Adjusting Spaceflex Backrest Support System in Tang by OfficeStar. This thick padded 2-layer mesh seat spells optimized c-o-m-f-o-r-t, especially with its self adjusting mechanism that uses your body weight as a counter-balance. It also has a backrest lock and anti-kickback height-adjustable arms with pads. In short, they’re the perfect seat for a workaholic who need not to be bothered with unnecessary uneasiness and discomfort, given that you have enough space in your home office. 

It’s not enough to have a fully-functional modern home office desk, a comfortable chair that reinvigorates it’s owner is also essential for a comfortable working experience. Since you work hard, you only deserve the best, and with these chairs, you can have the royal treatment you deserve. 

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