Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Indian-Inspired Bedroom

Exotic, glowing, intricate, sumptuous are just few of the many words that define that flows from the far eastern country of India. It bears a rich and vibrant culture that celebrates the different colors, sounds, and tastes of life. With that optimistic view, Indians have developed unique and elaborated designs that hold a prominent trademark in the world of fashion and home décor. So if you want to get away from the usual design and experience a whole new world, you’re a really just a carpet ride away from a truly Indian-inspired bedroom!

First, remember that achieving a particular motif doesn’t demand a large budget for a total makeover. You don’t have to start from scratch. To be practical, all you need is home accent furniture that make a whole lot of difference to your room to fit with a small budget.  Spice up your bedroom with effective home accent furniture to add a different twist.

 Modern Duvet

A modern duvet can act as a very efficient home accent furniture. Dressing up your bed with an Indian-inspired cover for your duvet makes it easier to see your bedroom in a new light. Colorful accent duvet covers add glow and warmth to your bedroom, and here you can find beautiful duvet covers which transform a room with its vibrant Indian touch.

Koko Company Essential Reversible Duvet Cover 

This modern duvet cover injects romance, blithe, and femininity. Its youthful aura brightens the room with its rich texture and vivid colors—perfect for a fun sleepover or an Indian-inspired pajama party with friends!

Koko Company Silk Coverlet in Orange 

If you want a strong Indian accent for your duvet, cover it up with silky orange. This eye-grabbing color conjures the majestic vibe of the Indian culture. Matching it with silky fuchsia creates a stunning elegance. Embroidered silk and bold colors exudes powerful influence to your Indian-inspired bedroom. 

Koko Company Silk Coverlet in Rust / Sage

The rustic look never gets out of style with Indian décor. Antique accents bring out an exotic flair, and with this modern duvet color, your bedroom gets a taste of classic Indian style in a chic modern way.


Koko Company Silk Coverlet in Turquoise / Lime

You can also opt for a cool version of Indian-inspired modern duvet cover. A turquoise silk fabric exudes freshness and tranquility to your bedroom. Moreover, this lovely colr shade is associated with good fortune and health.

Other Furniture
You can always match your modern Indian-inspired duvet with modern Indian-inspired furniture for a more modern Indian-inspired bedroom! Indian décor uses furniture like dressers, cabinets, and tables, that are made of wood but intricately designed and crafted.

Home Styles Cabana Lingerie

A modern Indian-inspired cabinet is simple yet functional, wooden but delicately made. Indians appreciate handwoven furniture for the artful craftsmanship that takes effort. A rustic feature is also a plus.

      Oceanstar Laundry Wood Hamper 

Modernized by its sleek black finish, this modern Indian-inspired laundry hamper neutralizes the color in your bedroom while bearing a subtle beauty of its own with its interwoven texture. This defines modern Indian-inspired elegance.

Chandra Rugs Dharma

Nothing represents Indian decor more than elaborate prints and stylish patterns of nature designs. This modern Indian-inspired wool rug completes your overall motif with its simple elegance.

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