Sunday, August 19, 2012

Trust Your Animal Instincts

Your animal instincts can help you move up in life. In the corporate world, you’ve got to be ahead of the game and prepared for last minute changes, sudden appointments, and extra workloads,  while keeping your cool. Furthermore, it’s takes time to be a predator but dismayingly easy to be the prey. It’s something to surely ponder, but don’t let the whole corporate jungle pressure overwhelm you and tear you into pieces. Deal with it creatively instead. How? By making it an inspiration to your contemporary office furniture!
Animal print furniture never goes unnoticed with its exotic design: Nature is indeed a fierce designer. As accent furniture, these designs can evoke the characteristics of a certain animal. Some animals symbolize tranquility, gentleness, and humility while others have represent aggression, fierceness, and firmness. What kind of a leader are you? Make sure that you choose the right design that blends with your personality in the workplace.

If you’re the kind of leader who uses creativity in facing problems, open-minded yet logical, buoyant yet careful, then this zebra-print chair represents you well. This strikingly fabulous contemporary office furniture is comfort plus style in one package. Also, the white and black tandem gives a classic look to your office. The woven antique black and white  paired with nickel nail head details and fluted carvings in a distressed black, adds additional glamour. It also features an adjustable height and swivel castors for a more comfortable sitting experience. And yes, the zebra print looks dashing and wild, voguish even!

But if you want to be the predator and not the prey, think like a leopard. You’re the kind of leader who imposes for the good of the company. You are strict and cunning. Moreover, you motivate your employees through intimidation but the result is often worth it. This contemporary office furniture screams of authority and fierceness with its leopard-print. This Aarika armchair by Uttermost is a luxurious display of comfort and fierceness to your office. Furthermore, the coordinating chenille seat cushion and striped lumbar accent pillow gives you ease and elegance while you rule with style and fierceness.

But if you’re the gentle, approachable boss—who doesn’t scare off employees—then forget about the leopard print. You need a chair that exudes warmth and gentleness. You need a bench with a giraffe print! To create a fun and sassy atmosphere to your office, this contemporary office furniture is perfect for the job. This Crevan Armchair by Uttermost will strike you with a welcoming look while giving you the comfort you need. It features an espresso and cream welted tailoring accent with cocoa brown faux leather—certainly not a predator chair.

Your office can tell a lot about you and how you and how  handle people. In choosing contemporary office furniture that features an animal print, consider the message and the representation it carries. Don’t choose a design that misrepresents you.  Opt for comfort without sacrificing a style that fits you.

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