Friday, December 21, 2012

Glass Based Modern End Tables for Any Hotel or Living Space

A hotel that was opening in a few weeks asked for my advice if I knew any great glass modern end tables. They were planning put a few throughout the hotel in the lobbies or other public places and they wanted them specifically in glass, to add to the theme that they had in the hotel. They mentioned they had wide windows to let in natural light, and they felt glass end tables would complement this design. After searching a while, I was delighted to find great pieces that are not only good for hotels but even for any modern home.

Enna End Table in Stainless by Nuevo Living

Nuevo Living has a great line of modern end tables and this Enna End Table is no exception. Made from stainless steel, I really love the unique design that the brand always loves to experiment with. It’s simple but it makes a sort of statement. The design would likely appeal to young professionals and modernists as well. All in all, the design is actually quite sturdy, great for putting any decorations to add pizzazz to a somewhat understated end table.

24 Inch Round Glass Top End Table with Arctic Pedestal Base - Gloss White by Diamond Sofa

This end table by Diamond Sofa is quite an eye catcher. Its interesting sculpted conical base makes this piece a great investment that adds style to any room. To add to the classiness of the whole piece, this end table has a white lacquer finish with subtle stainless steel accents. The glass on top is tinted gray, and together with the base, makes the whole thing give off an aerodynamic feel. The sturdiness and uniqueness of this piece definitely encourages you to have this in any space, especially for homes that adhere to more contemporary styles.

Black Poly & Glass Round Chairside Table with Brushed Chrome by Powell

One of the most impressive of the modern end tables that I’ve seen, this piece by Powell really ups the level of class in any room. The sleek design is finished by “brushed chrome,” forming a sort of fish shape which I think is a very nice touch to how attractive this whole end table is. It has a black poly base, but what I think is the best feature in this piece is the tempered glass top; it makes the whole thing unique and intriguing. The whole piece even has a foreign flavor to it, but is guaranteed to blend in with any sort of d├ęcor, being so versatile.

Helpful Techniques in Designing with Contemporary Lamp Shades

Artecnica Garland Shade Light
Giving your home a major overhaul will definitely give it the update that it needs. However, if you are a on a low budget, you can just give your space some additions and upgrades to give it a fresh look without having to spend too much. One of these additions and upgrades is with contemporary lamp shades.
Designing with contemporary floor lamps might seem like an easy task. After all, you just have to buy them and then put them on top of tables or in the room corners. However, buying and decorating them is really an art which can sometimes be a little challenging especially if you have had little experience with it. Here are five tips to help you out with contemporary lamp shades.

  • Pick the right style. Floor lamps are not just for grandma’s house anymore. We are seeing a growing trend of these lamps in modern homes. Many in the market today come with mixed and matched styles so it might help if you look through websites and magazines to help you out.
  • Know the purpose. If you want it to accent your corner, go for something that has a colorful and ornate shade. But if you intend to use it for reading or cross-stitching, consider getting a torchiere style that comes with three light bulbs to ensure adequate lighting.
  • Consider available space. A home decorating rule says you should not bunch up your furniture. This also goes the same with lamps. Use your gut feeling on this, especially if you use many lamps. If you think that it is a little too much, you might need to move it into a different location.
  • Look for versatile pieces. Before buying a floor lamp, think of at least two places to put it in and two ways that you can use it for. This way, when you initial designing backfires, you will have some other way to use it and not have to hide it in your basement forever.
  • Shop wisely and effectively. Everyone wants a bargain so it would be impossible if you are not after one as well. Whether you shop in brick and mortar stores or online, make sure that you visit different stores. That floor lamp that you like might always be less expensive  in another store.
Decorating with contemporary lamp shades should be something that you enjoy doing. If you do this right, you will also definitely enjoy the fruits of your time and effort (not to mention money). Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Right Modern Lounge Chair Sets the Tone of Your Room

My latest design project was for a close friend who was just bored with her living room. What with the children off to college and having too much time on her hands, she turned her attention to her home. That was when she realized that her living room could use some redecorating.

When she came to me, she narrated how everything in her living room is just too traditional for comfort. She said that she wanted a modern lounge chair where she can relax in while waiting for her kids to come home from school. Well, here are a few of my top picks. (She had a hard time picking the best one among them all. But with helpful questions about her taste and needs, she finally picked the right one.)

Adesso Memphis Art Deco Retro Club Side Chair

This contemporary lounge chair comes with a hardwood frame. It is covered in rich polyester velvet that hides the comfy foam padding and springs underneath. The tapered legs are beautiful in chrome finish, giving this chair a hint of modernism. All these make the Adesso Memphis club chair a comfortable and functional chair where people can sit comfortably to pass time.

Avenue Six Merge Corner Chair in Easy Brownstone Fabric by Ave-Six

This modern lounge chair is functional and flexible. A homeowner can combine this Merge corner chair with other Merge chairs to come up with the desired seating in the living room. It’s perfect for families. The fabric that this lounge chair is made of is easy to clean and is durable. Additionally, the foam cushions provide comfort while the sinuous springs provide durability. It looks very homey.


Diamond Sofa Chicago Loveseat with Click-Clack Headrests and Metal Leg by Diamond Sofa

The color white gives any room a clean and fresh look, and is great for contemporary decor. With the bonded leather Diamond Sofa Chicago Loveseat, a living room can benefit from the sleek and sophisticated feel of white furniture. Homeowners will surely appreciate the fact that this loveseat is not only beautiful but comfortable as well.  The elastic webbing on the back of the seat allows the leather material to breathe and offers stability while the click-clack adjustable headrests offer more comfort. The cushions are deep and made of high density foam. Plus, the seat cushions and back pillows are firmly attached to the hardwood frame to prevent gaps. The Diamond Sofa Chicago Loveseat is surely one comfortable and durable modern lounge chair that can fit inside any living room.

You may check out our interesting pieces of modern lounge chairs today.