Friday, December 21, 2012

Helpful Techniques in Designing with Contemporary Lamp Shades

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Giving your home a major overhaul will definitely give it the update that it needs. However, if you are a on a low budget, you can just give your space some additions and upgrades to give it a fresh look without having to spend too much. One of these additions and upgrades is with contemporary lamp shades.
Designing with contemporary floor lamps might seem like an easy task. After all, you just have to buy them and then put them on top of tables or in the room corners. However, buying and decorating them is really an art which can sometimes be a little challenging especially if you have had little experience with it. Here are five tips to help you out with contemporary lamp shades.

  • Pick the right style. Floor lamps are not just for grandma’s house anymore. We are seeing a growing trend of these lamps in modern homes. Many in the market today come with mixed and matched styles so it might help if you look through websites and magazines to help you out.
  • Know the purpose. If you want it to accent your corner, go for something that has a colorful and ornate shade. But if you intend to use it for reading or cross-stitching, consider getting a torchiere style that comes with three light bulbs to ensure adequate lighting.
  • Consider available space. A home decorating rule says you should not bunch up your furniture. This also goes the same with lamps. Use your gut feeling on this, especially if you use many lamps. If you think that it is a little too much, you might need to move it into a different location.
  • Look for versatile pieces. Before buying a floor lamp, think of at least two places to put it in and two ways that you can use it for. This way, when you initial designing backfires, you will have some other way to use it and not have to hide it in your basement forever.
  • Shop wisely and effectively. Everyone wants a bargain so it would be impossible if you are not after one as well. Whether you shop in brick and mortar stores or online, make sure that you visit different stores. That floor lamp that you like might always be less expensive  in another store.
Decorating with contemporary lamp shades should be something that you enjoy doing. If you do this right, you will also definitely enjoy the fruits of your time and effort (not to mention money). Enjoy!

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