Friday, February 1, 2013

Picking The Right Kitchen Decorative Accessories


Every home needs a couple of good accessories to enhance the total look and feel of the room. Large pieces of furniture often get all the attention: the couch, the fireplace, the dining table. But every experienced homeowner knows that when it comes to home design, it’s the little things that count.
This is especially true of the kitchen, where a lot of action takes place. Many families bond over time spent in the kitchens—kids learn to bake their first batches of cookies here, the grownups spend time learning new dishes (maybe with the food channel blaring in the distant background), and grandma’s secret recipes are handed down from one generation to the next. The kitchen just isn’t a room where the cook smells come from, in essence, it’s a family stage where tradition is formed, and your furniture are the props.

Kitchen decorative accessories can range from the paintings hanging on the wall, to the row of pendant lights over the counter, to the wooden racks holding all the cooking things. Whatever accessories you choose to get for the kitchen, make sure they offer a balanced combination of functionality and aesthetics. There are accessories that might look good, but don’t really contribute much to the kitchen’s efficiency. This is often something homeowners might overlook, because, while you might find accessories that tie in nicely with the overall design of the kitchen, the ensuring clutter isn’t worth it. Before getting an accessory that you think will look good in your kitchen, first consider whether it won’t be a hindrance to the flow of movement.
Fortunately, most kitchen decorative accessories have a good combination of both aesthetics and functionality. In fact, many of the things you use in the kitchen can serve as accessories themselves, even if they were bought for a completely different purpose. For instance, the beautifully carved fruit bowl sitting on the kitchen countertop can hold a couple of apples, but at the same time it complements the wooden finish of the countertop itself. On the other hand, the shiny steel rack you bought to hold the knives might go very well with the marble tiles overthe kitchen sink.
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If you want to add a splash of color to your kitchen, invest in great curtains, or even contemporary paintings. There’s practically an unlimited range of window treatments; just remember to choose one that complements the rest of the kitchen. You can get floral patterns for country d├ęcor, or vintage pieces that hark back to the golden age of retro, or perhaps even further back.
Your kitchen accessories can also include the door knobs on the kitchen counters, or even the lighting. Lighting itself can be quite an effective decorative accessory. Aside from your primary source of light, try throwing in some wall lights that can help change up the mood as needed. A dimmer switch can also be helpful when you want to switch between mood lighting and normal lighting. Different shades of light can also transform the look of your kitchen entirely, suiting various occasions as needed.

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