Friday, February 1, 2013

Tips When Buying Contemporary Dining Tables

It goes without saying, but dining room tables are the superstars of the dining room.  You basically don’t have a dining room without a good dining table to serve as the centerpiece, and going without it certainly makes eating a lot more difficult.
Contemporary dining tables have a more modern look and feel to them than traditional dining tables. Steel and glass are common materials that contemporary dining tables are made of. They can also be built out of wood, though these are usually coated in sleek, dark finishes or used in combination with another type of material.
When buying contemporary dining tables, you’ll need to take a couple of measurements into consideration. These measurements will be quite helpful in choosing the right size of table for your dining room, as well as maximizing your available space.

First off, keep in mind that each person seated at your dining table should have at least 24 inches each on either side so they can comfortably eat without knocking elbows with the next person. This prompts the question: How many people live in your home? Naturally, the more people you live with, the larger the dining table you’re going to need.
The dining table should have about 32 inches between its edge and the nearest surface. Ask yourself how large your dining room is and how much space you can allocate for a dining table. Note that the nearest surface doesn’t necessarily have to be the wall; it could be shelves or a cabinet. If you leave less space than this, you risk having to squeeze through this area to get past the dining table. This space also allows plenty of room for occupants at the table to pull back their chairs when sitting and getting up.
For an even safer estimate (and if the size of your dining room can afford the extra space), measure at least 38 inches between the table and the nearest surface so people can walk freely in the space without bumping into the wall. If you’re fond of having the occasional fancy dinner with servers that stand at attention while you dine, increase this table-wall measurement to 42 inches.
While these measurements are rough estimates and may depend on the size and shape of your dining room (not to mention the overall feel that you’re going for), they will help you decide on the form your dining table will take—whether it will be rounded or square, small or large, and even what design to go for.
Give a lot of thought to the design of your table as well. Important occasions are often enjoyed over a meal of some sort. For instance, if you do enjoy formal dining once in awhile, the contemporary dining table you choose should live up to a more elegant standard. Modern dining tables aren’t always built in the traditional way, and they can have rather eccentric designs. If you don’t think the futuristic, silver round table would evoke the cozy, rustic holiday feel in the winter, best reconsider.

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