Friday, May 31, 2013

Clocks are Great Functional and Decorative Home Accent Furniture Pieces

Despite the modern age of smartphones and household appliances that already do a terrific job of keeping us in step with the  the time of day, clocks  still remain an albeit essential part of of everyday life and part of our design conscience.. This can be attributed to the new trends that are emerging today in the world of clocks. Such trends fuel the desires of style-savvy homeowners and business owners to continually update their timepieces to reflect the evolution and use of the classic clock.   
What might be the most frequently used  clocks today is the atomic clock. As its name suggests, this clock uses an atomic resonance frequency standard to tell the time. It is because of such feature that this is considered as the most accurate kind of clock. Aside from residential locations, atomic clocks are in demand in businesses that involve manufacturing and distribution, as well as in other industries where time is of the essence.
Large wall clocks also continue to be popular and serve as great centerpieces in living areas. They give you the freedom to decorate around the clock. Along with this is also the growing popularity of personalized clocks. It is easy to find online retailers today that offer clocks with customized faces, decorated according to your chosen design or even with your chosen picture.
Another emerging trend in the click industry is related to its usage. People are not buying clocks in order to just tell the time; they are also getting them as home accent furniture pieces. Clocks that function as lovely accents in homes are very popular these days. Markets today are selling clocks with attractive colors, gorgeous backgrounds, creative frames and fashionable shapes. And as manufacturers keep on rolling out innovations, it seems that the clock industry will not go quietly into the history books any time soon.  No pun intended.
Nevertheless, the days of standard and basic clocks are already behind us. The clocks that we see today can now do a wonderful  job of setting off a room and leaving a lasting impression .set their eyes on them.
Lotus Wall Clock in Black by Nuevo Living

With its simple color yet bold design, the Lotus Wall Clock in Black by Nuevo Living will likely go unnoticed in any room it is in. Made from polypropelene plastic with Taiwanese movement, this gorgeous wall clock is made in the same style as the iconic Sunflower Clock of George Nelson. You can also get this clock in white. .
Climbing Vine Clock by Uttermost
The Climbing Vine Clock by Uttermost is a great statement clock for your office, home office, or even in your living room. A masterpiece by designer Grace Feyock, this piece features a round clock that is intertwined by climbing vines and accented by a couple of birds. Made of hand forged metal, this clock is finished in burnished mocha brown along with heavily antiqued gold accents. This clock features Quartz movement.
Clocky Alarm Clock That Runs Away in Raspberry by Nanda Home

Here’s an alarm clock that will really get you off of bed in the morning. The sneaky and wheeled Clocky Alarm Clock That Runs Away in Raspberry by Nanda Home will run and hide when you do not wake up, beeping all the while. Made of plastic and battery-operated, its wheels can be removed if you want it to stay put.

Friday, May 24, 2013

How to Clean Your Wooden Modern Dining Table

A wooden dining table is mostly the centerpiece of contemporary dining rooms. And being a common place of gathering, the table can take a bit of abuse, so it will need the occasional cleaning to keep it looking good and presentable. With some tips and a little effort, your wooden dining table can last for a long time.

Dust the table at least once in a week to prevent dust buildup. You can use a furniture polish to give it an attractive sheen. Twice a year, apply a wood conditioner with a clean cloth. Immediately clean up spills and use a clean damp cloth for remove those that leave a sticky residue.
Use a walnut with the same color as your table to fill in scratches. Simply rub it horizontally across the damage and apply iodine to darken it and match it with the original color of the table. For watermarks, apply mayonnaise and leave it overnight. In the morning, wipe any access and apply more as necessary.  It would be best for you to avoid the use of harsh abrasives and chemicals that may scratch the wood.
Below are some of great picks of modern dining table.
Tavolo Rectangular Dining Table with Red Oak Top and Metal Base in Antiqued Finish by Diamond Sofa

The sleek and minimalistic design of the Tavolo Rectangular Dining Table with Red Oak Top and Metal Base in Antiqued Finish by Diamond Sofa will give an organized and comfortable seating for up to sit people. The red oak melamine finish of this table gives a light and fresh dining experience for so many years to come with its moisture, stain and scratch resistant finish.
Sherwood Dining Table by EuroStyle

The Sherwood Dining Table by EuroStyle comes with a solid teak slat top with aluminum edge, along with an aluminum base and adjustable. This makes it the perfect dining table for indoor and outdoor activities. With its stylish and sturdy design, this table is made from natural teak which ensures long years of use.
Arts & Crafts Round Dining Table Cottage Oak Finish by Home Styles

Giving you an economical solution for your dining settings is the Arts & Crafts Round Dining Table Cottage Oak Finish by Home Styles. Made of hardwood solids and veneers in a multi-step Cottage Oak finish, this table can be accessorized formally or informally for your desired atmosphere. It has a 16-inch lead that expands the table top, giving enough space for 2 additional chairs.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Essential Considerations for Buying Home Patio Furniture Cushions

In truth, patio furniture can actually lack real punch in many cases. And when you think you'll yawn at the site of your patio, thank heavens cushions are made to add a bit of character and spice to your furniture. 

Just like buying a patio furniture, you need to select materials that will last and withstand the changing weather and the elements that they are bound to be exposed to. Good thing for us, today’s materials have grown to be so much better and are made to be long-lasting and maintenance-free. Of course, you would want something that is not all about looks- although we know that aesthetics can make you swipe your credit card 90% of the time- it is still advised to go for durability too.

For one, you need to make sure that the cushions that you buy will fit your chairs and give you comfortable seating. If you have the budget, you can get custom made ones to not only ensure good posture and sitting comfort; but to give a more tailored look and feel to your seating. You need to consider that the foam and cushion covers are of equal importance.

The structure and material of the cushion will affect its resiliency and support for your body. Its outer material will make sure that its inside is adequately protected. Pick a material that is resistant to sun, stain, and water as an added assurance that it will last and look good longer.

Choosing a breathable fabric equates to faster drying time once the cushions get wet. Opt for material that is mold, mildew, and fade resistant, making your patio colors stay vibrant for a long time. If you intend to put cushions near your pool, choose a material that is resistant to chlorine.

There are so many choices for outdoor cushions in the market today with varying styles, materials, colors and designs. Ultimately, what you will pick and purchase will be all up to your needs and preferences as well as the outdoor theme that you are going for.

Our three best picks for home patio furniture cushions. 

Comfort Care Barstool Sunbrella Cushion Set by Infinita

For a quick comfort add-on to your outdoor seating, get the Comfort Care Barstool Sunbrella Cushion Set by Infinita. This can be used as a seat bottom or seat back cushion (you can even use two of them for the seat bottom and back). Installation is very easy -- simply fix its straps onto the barstool frame and you are good to go. This canvas cushion in available in 6 colors: True Blue, Jockey Red, Coal, Parrot, Cocoa, and Natural.

Desswerrum by Fatboy

The Desswerrum by Fatboy might look like your typical designer cushion but this is no ordinary pillow. This creative piece is actually a hot water bottle. Get warm with it like it’s your blanket while you enjoy watching the stars at night. Made from 100% cotton cover, this piece is available in an iconic red black pattern that will surely be a standout in your space, whether it is inside or out.

Surf Pillow by La Fete Design

When you are resting on your chaise lounge, the simple and modern Surf Pillow by La Fete Design will give you the added comfort and support that you need. Stain, fungi and mildew resistant, its interior is made from polymeric structural foam with layers of cushioning foam. Plus, add a personalized touch to this cushion as its cover can easily be removed and replaced.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Brighten Your Home’s Exterior with Outdoor Landscape Lighting

When it comes to landscaping, most people think of greenery and plants and flowers. However, exterior lights can add both aesthetic and functional benefits to your home. Outdoor landscape lighting can range from solar to wall-mounts to poolside  lights. Knowing the  advantages should help you pick the right type of lighting that will match your needs.

Perhaps the most obvious advantage of landscape lights is that they enhance the appearance of your home, especially at night. When properly positioned, they can accentuate architectural features , adding a sense of drama and boosting your curb appeal at during the evening hours. Landscape lighting also increases the functionality of your outdoor space. With the right selection of outdoor  lights, you can use your front and backyard even after the sun goes down and get adequate illumination for late-night dining and conversations.
Along with the above benefits are home security and personal safety. Surely, these should be more than enough reasons to get landscape lights.
Kenroy Home Hatteras Small Wall Lantern by Kenroy Home
Give your home a look right off the 1940s with the Kenroy Home Hatteras Small Wall Lantern by Kenroy Home. Made with gilded copper finish and clear seeded glass, this will be a sight to behold in your patio, perhaps on opposite sides of your door. A great way to celebrate an old yet celebrated design.

Outdoor Greatroom Company Solar Stake Light - Espresso Finish by Outdoor Greatroom Company
Line your pathway leading to your door with the Outdoor Greatroom Company Solar Stake Light - Espresso Finish by Outdoor Greatroom Company. This lovely stake light comes with a built-in photo cell sensor with manual on/off override switch -- no electrical or wiring needed. It comes in an espresso finish that should perfectly blend with your outdoor environment.
Offi and Co. Hugo Pot by Offi and Co
Made with rotationally molded non-toxic and odorless plastic, the Offi and Co. Hugo Pot by Offi and Co combines your outdoor space’s need for plants and lights. This piece uses CFL or energy saving light. And with its waterdrain system, growing a green and lush plant should not be a problem.

Infinita LED Lighting Ball by Infinita
Have a pool? With its waterproof and unbreakable design, the Infinita LED Lighting Ball by Infinita is the perfect addition to it come nighttime. This rechargeable LED lamp can last up to 24 hours in a single charge. This is just perfect for your outdoor parties.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Great Decorative Ideas for an Elegant and Functional Modern Foyer

Console Tables for Style and Functionality

The first thing that you may want to consider is obtaining a console table and setting it up against a wall or attached to it. Console tables are  generally chic, long, and lean, and their thin elegant surfaces are simply the perfect place to display eye-catching decorative pieces. The great thing about having this type of accent table, though, is that not only can it add remarkable artistic quality and visual impact to your entryway, but can also serve different functional purposes as well. It is great for setting down mail, keys, handbags, and other small items as your guests walk through the door. For starters, a Mod Loft table would be an excellent choice with its clean, straightforward, and naturally refreshing look along with an accommodating surface for an affordable price point. Place it against the wall, in an area where it is easily visible and accessible to people once they enter your home.

Modern Framed Mirrors for Ambiance

Modern framed mirrors are trendy and lively with bright, bold colors that provide an exciting modern appeal. It brings in a unique style and alluring aura to your foyer, setting up the right ambiance for your guests. These elegant mirrors also provide guests the opportunity to examine their appearance as they come and leave. 

For an exquisitely charming finish to your hallway’s decor, a Cooper Classics Alexandra Rectangle Mirror should do the trick. It has a very lovely appeal and can match well with different aesthetic themes making it easier for you to set it up with other decorative pieces to achieve seamless artistic flow and harmony. You should place it just above the console table because these two perfectly complement each other both in style and functionality. Placing them together in one section provides more visual and artistic impact than they are separately  and people, specially women, will certainly require the convenience of the console table to settle their bags and other items when fixing their hair or doing their make up in front of the mirror.

Wall Art – Making a Statement of Style

Wall arts are very pleasant to the eyes and are important when you want your foyer to stand out and make a statement of style. Putting in elegant paintings like a Ren-Wil Butterflies II paired with a Ren-Wil Cherry Blossoms can change the whole appearance of your space, adding in a touch of art and sophistication for people to admire. You may want to utilize a wall art around the mirror to maximize beauty. Should the ceiling be too high, hang out some frameless work of art like a Screen Gems Sandstone or an Uttermost Golden Gazanias over the mirror and set two on both sides to create some form of harmony. For a modern and elegant look, choose a wall art with a bit more detail on the curves and lines.

There are many more great ideas in setting up a neat and functional modern foyer and you can utilize them as easily as the ones I have mentioned above. With a little time, effort, and creativity, you can even come up with some ideas of your own and use it to create a highly personalized style.. All in all, the most important thing is to have the burning desire to maximize the overall quality of your foyer not only for personal enjoyment but for the satisfaction of other people as well so you will have solid motivation in starting your own.