Friday, May 31, 2013

Clocks are Great Functional and Decorative Home Accent Furniture Pieces

Despite the modern age of smartphones and household appliances that already do a terrific job of keeping us in step with the  the time of day, clocks  still remain an albeit essential part of of everyday life and part of our design conscience.. This can be attributed to the new trends that are emerging today in the world of clocks. Such trends fuel the desires of style-savvy homeowners and business owners to continually update their timepieces to reflect the evolution and use of the classic clock.   
What might be the most frequently used  clocks today is the atomic clock. As its name suggests, this clock uses an atomic resonance frequency standard to tell the time. It is because of such feature that this is considered as the most accurate kind of clock. Aside from residential locations, atomic clocks are in demand in businesses that involve manufacturing and distribution, as well as in other industries where time is of the essence.
Large wall clocks also continue to be popular and serve as great centerpieces in living areas. They give you the freedom to decorate around the clock. Along with this is also the growing popularity of personalized clocks. It is easy to find online retailers today that offer clocks with customized faces, decorated according to your chosen design or even with your chosen picture.
Another emerging trend in the click industry is related to its usage. People are not buying clocks in order to just tell the time; they are also getting them as home accent furniture pieces. Clocks that function as lovely accents in homes are very popular these days. Markets today are selling clocks with attractive colors, gorgeous backgrounds, creative frames and fashionable shapes. And as manufacturers keep on rolling out innovations, it seems that the clock industry will not go quietly into the history books any time soon.  No pun intended.
Nevertheless, the days of standard and basic clocks are already behind us. The clocks that we see today can now do a wonderful  job of setting off a room and leaving a lasting impression .set their eyes on them.
Lotus Wall Clock in Black by Nuevo Living

With its simple color yet bold design, the Lotus Wall Clock in Black by Nuevo Living will likely go unnoticed in any room it is in. Made from polypropelene plastic with Taiwanese movement, this gorgeous wall clock is made in the same style as the iconic Sunflower Clock of George Nelson. You can also get this clock in white. .
Climbing Vine Clock by Uttermost
The Climbing Vine Clock by Uttermost is a great statement clock for your office, home office, or even in your living room. A masterpiece by designer Grace Feyock, this piece features a round clock that is intertwined by climbing vines and accented by a couple of birds. Made of hand forged metal, this clock is finished in burnished mocha brown along with heavily antiqued gold accents. This clock features Quartz movement.
Clocky Alarm Clock That Runs Away in Raspberry by Nanda Home

Here’s an alarm clock that will really get you off of bed in the morning. The sneaky and wheeled Clocky Alarm Clock That Runs Away in Raspberry by Nanda Home will run and hide when you do not wake up, beeping all the while. Made of plastic and battery-operated, its wheels can be removed if you want it to stay put.

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