Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Essential Considerations for Buying Home Patio Furniture Cushions

In truth, patio furniture can actually lack real punch in many cases. And when you think you'll yawn at the site of your patio, thank heavens cushions are made to add a bit of character and spice to your furniture. 

Just like buying a patio furniture, you need to select materials that will last and withstand the changing weather and the elements that they are bound to be exposed to. Good thing for us, today’s materials have grown to be so much better and are made to be long-lasting and maintenance-free. Of course, you would want something that is not all about looks- although we know that aesthetics can make you swipe your credit card 90% of the time- it is still advised to go for durability too.

For one, you need to make sure that the cushions that you buy will fit your chairs and give you comfortable seating. If you have the budget, you can get custom made ones to not only ensure good posture and sitting comfort; but to give a more tailored look and feel to your seating. You need to consider that the foam and cushion covers are of equal importance.

The structure and material of the cushion will affect its resiliency and support for your body. Its outer material will make sure that its inside is adequately protected. Pick a material that is resistant to sun, stain, and water as an added assurance that it will last and look good longer.

Choosing a breathable fabric equates to faster drying time once the cushions get wet. Opt for material that is mold, mildew, and fade resistant, making your patio colors stay vibrant for a long time. If you intend to put cushions near your pool, choose a material that is resistant to chlorine.

There are so many choices for outdoor cushions in the market today with varying styles, materials, colors and designs. Ultimately, what you will pick and purchase will be all up to your needs and preferences as well as the outdoor theme that you are going for.

Our three best picks for home patio furniture cushions. 

Comfort Care Barstool Sunbrella Cushion Set by Infinita

For a quick comfort add-on to your outdoor seating, get the Comfort Care Barstool Sunbrella Cushion Set by Infinita. This can be used as a seat bottom or seat back cushion (you can even use two of them for the seat bottom and back). Installation is very easy -- simply fix its straps onto the barstool frame and you are good to go. This canvas cushion in available in 6 colors: True Blue, Jockey Red, Coal, Parrot, Cocoa, and Natural.

Desswerrum by Fatboy

The Desswerrum by Fatboy might look like your typical designer cushion but this is no ordinary pillow. This creative piece is actually a hot water bottle. Get warm with it like it’s your blanket while you enjoy watching the stars at night. Made from 100% cotton cover, this piece is available in an iconic red black pattern that will surely be a standout in your space, whether it is inside or out.

Surf Pillow by La Fete Design

When you are resting on your chaise lounge, the simple and modern Surf Pillow by La Fete Design will give you the added comfort and support that you need. Stain, fungi and mildew resistant, its interior is made from polymeric structural foam with layers of cushioning foam. Plus, add a personalized touch to this cushion as its cover can easily be removed and replaced.

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