Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Great Decorative Ideas for an Elegant and Functional Modern Foyer

Console Tables for Style and Functionality

The first thing that you may want to consider is obtaining a console table and setting it up against a wall or attached to it. Console tables are  generally chic, long, and lean, and their thin elegant surfaces are simply the perfect place to display eye-catching decorative pieces. The great thing about having this type of accent table, though, is that not only can it add remarkable artistic quality and visual impact to your entryway, but can also serve different functional purposes as well. It is great for setting down mail, keys, handbags, and other small items as your guests walk through the door. For starters, a Mod Loft table would be an excellent choice with its clean, straightforward, and naturally refreshing look along with an accommodating surface for an affordable price point. Place it against the wall, in an area where it is easily visible and accessible to people once they enter your home.

Modern Framed Mirrors for Ambiance

Modern framed mirrors are trendy and lively with bright, bold colors that provide an exciting modern appeal. It brings in a unique style and alluring aura to your foyer, setting up the right ambiance for your guests. These elegant mirrors also provide guests the opportunity to examine their appearance as they come and leave. 

For an exquisitely charming finish to your hallway’s decor, a Cooper Classics Alexandra Rectangle Mirror should do the trick. It has a very lovely appeal and can match well with different aesthetic themes making it easier for you to set it up with other decorative pieces to achieve seamless artistic flow and harmony. You should place it just above the console table because these two perfectly complement each other both in style and functionality. Placing them together in one section provides more visual and artistic impact than they are separately  and people, specially women, will certainly require the convenience of the console table to settle their bags and other items when fixing their hair or doing their make up in front of the mirror.

Wall Art – Making a Statement of Style

Wall arts are very pleasant to the eyes and are important when you want your foyer to stand out and make a statement of style. Putting in elegant paintings like a Ren-Wil Butterflies II paired with a Ren-Wil Cherry Blossoms can change the whole appearance of your space, adding in a touch of art and sophistication for people to admire. You may want to utilize a wall art around the mirror to maximize beauty. Should the ceiling be too high, hang out some frameless work of art like a Screen Gems Sandstone or an Uttermost Golden Gazanias over the mirror and set two on both sides to create some form of harmony. For a modern and elegant look, choose a wall art with a bit more detail on the curves and lines.

There are many more great ideas in setting up a neat and functional modern foyer and you can utilize them as easily as the ones I have mentioned above. With a little time, effort, and creativity, you can even come up with some ideas of your own and use it to create a highly personalized style.. All in all, the most important thing is to have the burning desire to maximize the overall quality of your foyer not only for personal enjoyment but for the satisfaction of other people as well so you will have solid motivation in starting your own.

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