Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Closer Look at the Lounge Chairs for Your Living Room

Chaise lounge chairs have been around for a very long time but they still remain very popular today because of the little effort needed for them to add style and elegance to any space. The wide array of available styles, materials and colors these days have allowed people to pick the one that best suit their preferences and home décor.

These chairs are constructed from a variety of materials like wicker, composites, wrought iron, hard wood, and plastic. The Lounge chairs for living room are likely upholstered in leather or fabric for added comfort. There is a wide selection of available covering choices for every need and preferences. You should find them in just about any color or pattern that you desire.

While lounge chairs were originally meant to be used outdoors, you can now find models that can be used both. Many homeowners use these chairs in their backyards, poolsides, and summer rooms to provide a special  place for relaxation and leisure outdoors. These chairs sometimes have a reclining element  to provide that added sense of comfort.

There are three basic types of lounge chairs. The first one is a cross between a chair and a daybed with an extended back that forms into an L-shape. It has a single armrest that starts at the same level as the back and tapers down to the feet. The second kind of lounge chair comes with a back and extended seat without any armrests. Finally, the third style looks similar to a traditional chair with a back, two arm rests and an extended seat.

Lounge chairs should be very easy to find. Depending on how you intend to use them, the choice of material is very important. Of course, you also have to make sure that they match your living room décor.

Perch Lounge by Offi and Co

The Perch Lounge by Offi and Co is a perfect example of a chair that offers comfort without compromising style. This chair features softly contoured molded ply, fully upholstered pad and chrome rod frame with an elevated wire shelf. A great addition to any modern space, you can have your choice of either wood (available in Gray on Birch and Alcaraz on Walnut) or leather (available on Ivory or Walnut and Alcaraz on Walnut).

Amani Armchair Living Room Lounge Chair Collection by Uttermost

With its natural hue and clean profile, the Amani Armchair Living Room Lounge Chair Collection by Uttermost should be able to adapt to whatever your home living room theme is. This lounge chair features plush flaxen and softly sculpted reptile fabric, walnut-finished wooden legs, and double row nail head accents, all for your comfort and for your room’s style. It also has a matching ottoman available as an add-on.

Italian Leather X Lounge and Ottoman by Zuo Modern

Relax in comfort and style with the Italian Leather X Lounge and Ottoman by Zuo Modern. A unique piece of art, this chair and its matching ottoman reflects contemporary and retro-modern design that also takes comfort in a whole new level. Made with Italian leather seats and back wrapped in walnut veneer with a swivel base, this chair is available in colors Black or White.

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