Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Cleaning Upholstered Modern Chairs with Everyday Products

Cleaning and maintaining upholstered modern chairs is hard, if not expensive. This is exactly many homeowners are reluctant to buy  this kind of seating. But there are quite a number of inexpensive home products that will effectively clean them. Most of them are commonly found in homes .  The home products’ original use has nothing to do with upholstery cleaning.

Baby wipes is one of the best home products to clean upholstery. Mild and not too wet, they can do a terrific  job of getting the nasty stains out and for wiping down the entire  chair. You can also use white vinegar.It does a nice job at removing surface dirt.   Don’t worry about the unpleasant smell; it will leave the chair smelling fresh after a while.

For deep cleaning, try this homemade solution: six tablespoons of soap flakes, 2 two tablespoons of Borax and a pint of boiling water. Mix everything until it cools to a gel, and then beat it until it turns to foam. Use an upholstery brush or rough cloth to apply to the fabric without soaking it. Let it sit for a ten minutes and , wipe the dirty suds away with a damp cloth.

Here are great easy-to-clean upholstered chairs to choose from:

Carlito Lounge Chair by EuroStyle

The Carlito Lounge Chair by EuroStyle has a clean and modern design that is hard not to love. Designed by Stanley Jay Friedman, it comes with webbing support under cushion, hardwood plywood frame, and stainless steel base. This beautiful lounge chair has a durable gray fabric cover over foam, and comes with one pillow for added comfort.

Bella Accent Chair Blast by Jofran

Featuring fashion forward fabrics like Rayon Blend and Polyester, the Bella Accent Chair Blast by Jofran will surely be a standout piece in modern living spaces. This elegant chair also showcases a hardwood frame construction which contributes to its sturdy look and durability. It comes with sinuous coil seat for added comfort.

Gaming Chair Black Microfiber by Home Styles

Giving you a comfy and casual chair to kick back and relax in is the Gaming Chair Black Microfiber by Home Styles. This chair comes with padded comfort to sit and play videos games or watch TV. It also has a hidden storage area under the seat. When not used as a chair, it can amazingly fold down into an ottoman for additional function or easy storage.

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