Monday, July 22, 2013

Have a Stylish Living Area with these Current Modern Shelving Trends

Modern shelving options of today tend to focus more on white, with pops of color used as accents to make the room more stylish and hip. It is relatively close to the contemporary style that uses unexpected or unusual shapes. If you are thinking of giving these storage and display places or de-clutter or a little makeover, take your inspiration from the following trends.

One trend is modular shelving, which is essentially taking smaller components and making them larger. With bookshelves, this means taking smaller shelves and creating a large one out of them. Home improvement stores should have modular pieces in woods at various shapes that fit more budgets. Fit the shelves together and work with optional pieces like cabinets and drawers. You can just get the piece on your own and then just work on your skills and creativity to customize the size and shape of the shelf that you like.Another idea that you might want to get into is 3D shelves. Three dimensional shelves are popular for modern spaces as they add contrast and color to walls. These shelves come in an array of styles, even those that are shaped like specific letters, shapes, numbers and other elements. Their shelves hold a small number of items. Their shape gives them limited storage and display space but they make for great artworks on walls.

And then there are slanted shelves. True to its name, these shelves are designed to look like it will topple or fall over at any point, although they are actually properly weighed down. Years back, a look similar to this was called skew shelves. Each piece was slightly slanted with the pieces fitting together to create a solid shelf with alternating slating shelves. We are seeing designers today having the same look for their shelves, adding small pieces at the end of the shelves to keep your things from falling off.

Sidona Side Table by EuroStyle

Create a simple and sleek shelving space for your books and keepsakes with the Sidona Side Table by EuroStyle. Featuring a wenge stained and oak veneered MDF, this stylish side table comes with a drawer that gives you both hidden and open storage for your books and magazines. Get more than one and have more space for your other things.

Cappuccino 69"H Ladder Bookcase With 2 Storage Drawers by Monarch Specialties
Guaranteed to add style to your home is the Cappuccino 69"H Ladder Bookcase With 2 Storage Drawers by Monarch Specialties. With two storage drawers and ample room to display your things, this piece is truly practical and unique. It comes with beautiful symmetry to your space, showcasing its solid-wood cappuccino finished ladder bookcase in your space will definitely be a good idea.

Pearl Bookcase by Mod LoftAdd a modern edge to your room with the Pearl Bookcase by Mod Loft. Featuring four fixed hardwood shelves with a stainless steel supports, the light appearance of this shelf along with its clean lines and open shelving can serve as a partition between two rooms. It has a solid hardwood construction and is available in White Lacquer, Wenge, and Walnut finish.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Magnificently Accent Your Designer Living Areas with BluWorld Fountains

Aside from adding a natural touch to living spaces, installing fountains indoors will add a soothing and comfortable atmosphere to a room that can spread throughout the entire house. If you greatly enjoy the tranquility of outdoor fountains, you might want to bring such a magic inside your home. And now that you are considering getting an indoor fountain, get one from BluWorld Fountains.
BluWorld Fountains have been creating quality pre-built and custom fountains for so many years, ensuring that each one that they craft has the same attention to quality and design as their custom features. Now recognized worldwide as the leader in the industry of exquisite water design, they have continued to lead the way in manufacturing capabilities and techniques.
These fountains are dramatically stylish for that any home can benefit as a d├ęcor. Expertly created from the finest luxury materials, BluWorld’s fountains will accent any area magnificently. Perfect against walls or as a room divider, you can find fountains of various options on material, size, and finish. These fountains can be installed in home or offices, with each model assured to be made with utmost care and should look stunning.
If you cannot find the size or design that you want, you can always get one that is custom made according to your specifications. But whether you opt for a semi-custom or fully customized water feature, you should be confident that BluWorld has all the necessary resources, expertise and capabilities to turn any project into a big success.
At BluWorld Fountains, you should find a wide selection of water features that includes tabletop fountains, wall fountains, outdoor fountains and floor fountains, all assured to be crafted with exceptional design and quality.
Waterfall Grande Clear Glass with Black Frame X-Large by Bluworld
An excellent addition to any setting, the simple classic look of the Waterfall Grande Clear Glass with Black Frame X-Large by Bluworld should match any room theme. This fountain is a center mount water feature, making it viewable from either side. It features a clear glass panel surrounded by a black onyx frame that has been powder coated for added durability. This model is perfect for home or office as well as for indoor and outdoor use.
Horizon Falls Classic Large Black Granite - Copper Patina by Bluworld

Instantly enhance your environment with the Horizon Falls Classic Large Black Granite - Copper Patina by Bluworld with its perfect combination of form and function. This stone wall fountain gives you soothing water sounds along with a dazzling frame finish that will make it a definite standout in your space. Plus, it comes with a remote-controlled LED light to further accent this beautiful masterpiece. It has stunning distinct stone colors and types and comes with cream white river rocks.
Nojoqui Falls Triple Wall Fountain by Bluworld

To make a very grand statement in your space, install the Nojoqui Falls Triple Wall Fountain by Bluworld. With built-in remote-controlled LED lighting that will illuminate the water flowing down its elegant surface, this wall fountain also gives humidity in the room. Made with premium materials, it features three striking natural slates. This is available in 4 color choices.