Monday, August 26, 2013

How to Hang Pictures Around Your Contemporary Entertainment Center

Proportions hold the key in effectively arranging your pictures around your contemporary entertainment center. A popular focal point in many dens, entertainment centers come with various geometric formats. The tall and rectangular ones balance with pictures that echo their shape. On the other hand, low and horizontal ones allows for grouping. Square or near square versions have a tendency to dominate the wall. Therefore, to ensure a successful picture arrangement, start by analyzing the relevant shapes.
For tall, vertical entertainment centers
Beside a tall and off-center walnut entertainment center against a taupe wall, hang a vertical picture with a bronze frame. Do not align the picture with the TV to avoid visual competition. On the walnut shelves of the entertainment center, easel-back frames with lighter bronze shades will relate to the first frame, while a dark bronze pendant gives added visual appeal.
For low, horizontal entertainment centers
A trio of pictures will give that striking effect when set above a low, horizontal and antique black entertainment center. Over your large TV, put in center a long and horizontal frame with a mat that is bigger or weighted on the sides. Hang a matching silver frame over it so that its bottom right corner is aligned with the middle of the center frame. In the upper right space, balance the grouping with a medium-sized antique black frame. This should also relate with the other antique black pieces.
For square entertainment centers
Because of its size, a centered position is usually best for a square or almost square entertainment center. Above a shabby-chic entertainment center, hang various plain and distressed frames with the bottom edges touching the top edge of the entertainment center. Overlapping frames that appear to lean on the wall will correspond to the informal look of a room. In informal dens, symmetrical alignment above an entertainment center should give a harmonious look.
Arts and Crafts TV Media Chest White Finish by Home Styles
If you are a big fan of mission styling, the Arts and Crafts TV Media Chest White Finish by Home Styles would be perfect. This piece comes with framed drawers, lattice moldings and slightly flared legs. It features White finish over Asian hardwood solids.

Eldridge Entertainment Center by Mod Loft
With its ultra clean lines and small construction, the Eldridge Entertainment Center by Mod Loft is perfect for tight spaces. It comes with 2 center drawers and 2 side cabinets to give you plenty of room for stage.

Cappuccino / Black Metal Tv Stand With Tempered Glass by Monarch Specialties
A perfect addition to any home, the Cappuccino / Black Metal Tv Stand With Tempered Glass by Monarch Specialties features a sturdy frame with smooth and clean lines. This chic media console’s top is finished in a warm cappuccino color and comes with 2 shelves for storage.

Helpful Tips in Hanging Modern Mirrors for Living Room

Mirrors just might be the most versatile wall art hanging available for living rooms. They are reflective works of art with the ability to visually change the dimensions and size of any space. They reflect ever changing images and can be used in any room with any kind of style, from French country to abstract. Properly hanging modern mirrors for living room can make a big difference in their reflection of areas and their effect on the decorating theme of your space.
First, hang your wall mirror at the proper height. Use your own good perspective and judgment, it should not appear too low or too high. People might vary in height, but a rule of thumb in hanging mirrors is to position it at the average eye level. Hang your mirrors at generally about 5 feet from the floor and it should be appropriately positioned for most people.
Hanging mirrors in your living room can visually increase the size of the space since they will reflect and expose multiple open angles and lines. Using large mirrors should add that visual dimension as well. If you are looking to increase the visual length of your room, think about hanging large mirrors on a narrow wall. To expand the width, install a large mirror or groupings of small mirrors on a long wall. These might seem pretty small move but they have a tremendous difference on how people will then perceive space.
To make your living room appear much brighter, especially if it has spacious overhangs, hang two large mirrors across from your picture window. In this position, the mirrors will multiply the natural light from the sole window and spread them throughout the room. To achieve a much brighter space, line up multiple mirrors on  your walls and watch light bounce from one to another and illuminating your space in the process. Your living room will look and feel like it was magically brought to life!
Adair Mirror by Cooper Classics
Adding style to modern décor, the Adair Mirror by Cooper Classics features an aged moss finish along with a hand-painted cream detailing. This beautiful beveled wall mirror should not only give you light and space, it will also provide you with an interesting piece of décor that you can proudly hang on your wall and show off to your guests.

Avondale Mirror by Howard Elliott
Featuring traditional styling at its finest, the Avondale Mirror by Howard Elliott features a traditional frame that surrounds a rectangular mirror. Finished with a bright gold leaf, a plain rectangular mirror has been transformed into a piece that will definitely make for a great décor mirror in your foyer or entrance hall.

Loudon In Unique Abstract Design Mirror Wall Art by Uttermost
If big is what you are after, the Loudon In Unique Abstract Design Mirror Wall Art by Uttermost should help you with that. A combination of mirror and artwork, this oversized mirror comes with an abstract design created by its frame which features a distressed bronze finish with gold undertones. This mirror is made with PU and is designed by Grace Feyock.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Media Storage Ideas for Your Contemporary Entertainment Center

They might be considered big eyesores in their early days, but flat screen televisions have now become the focal point in contemporary entertainment center settings. But where will you chicly hide those unsightly wires and accessories? Read on and see how top designers put their TVs on display without having to sacrifice style.
  1. Have your carpenter build a component holder and attach it into two dressers where you will store its components. Use Asian hardware to add sophistication and hand gold accessories to really make a statement.
  2. If you live in a studio, you need to maximize space. Have a large cabinet (getting one custom made would be a great investment) where you will place your TV and house all those other stuff like cable box, gaming console and DVD player.
  3. With television designs looking slimmer and sleeker, it has become less and less harder to hide them. Opt for a simple entertainment center where you can hide all the boxes and cords behind sliding doors.
  4. You also have to incorporate your TV to the design of your living room. Acknowledge the world of technology in your designs by having a console that will frame the television and, at the same time, anchor the clean lines of the room.
  5. For a crisp and contemporary yet earthy and warm design, choose neutral color schemes and plush textures. This will create a cohesive aesthetic so that the TV will seamlessly blend with the fireplace. Finish this setup with custom credenza to hide the wires and give extra storage.
  6. You can get a space created with dual functions. Instead of hiding the television behind doors that will only remain open, create a gorgeous setting for it. This piece will then be a part of the room’s architecture with cabinets and shelving for storage.
Now that you have some ideas on how to design and organize your entertainment center, choose from these gorgeous modern TV stands.
Setting the standard for luxury, the COMPOSER - LIGHT WALNUT / WHITE / GRAY TV STAND by B-Modern features state-of-the-art slow-closing drawers and cabinet doors with commercial grade stainless steel legs. It has 2 component shelves with easy wiring access.

Elegante 70" Contemporary Asian Console with Tapered Legs - Chocolate Cherry by Furnitech
With its rich Chocolate Brown Wenge finish, the Elegante 70" Contemporary Asian Console with Tapered Legs - Chocolate Cherry by Furnitech is equipped with 4 adjustable shelves, internal wire management, removable back panels, 2 media storage drawers, and a large center channel speaker compartment.

Bedford Black 2 Piece Entertainment Center by Home Styles
Giving you lots of storage for media and electronics, the Bedford Black 2 Piece Entertainment Center by Home Styles comes with two cabinets and an open center compartment. It is made of wood solids and engineered woods in an Ebony finish.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Know the Truth About Your Stainless Steel Outdoor Grill

The term “stainless steel” is one of those misleading phrases that can cause confusion. For one, what makes stainless steel is not the fact that it is stainless. In fact, certain types of stainless steel can lose discolor, rust, and lose luster over time. Because we are seeing a huge trend towards stainless steel outdoor grill products in the market that echo  indoor kitchens, you need to know exactly what you are getting and how to properly pick out a stainless steel grill that will suit your needs.
Stainless steel grades. The most common is the 304 stainless steel. But you might not know that there is a 400 (magnetic) and a 300 (non-magnetic) grade of stainless steel. If you are after durability, you need to check its grade by placing a magnet on it. If it adheres to the material, then do not buy it.
Thickness of the metal. Thick stainless steel does not discolor quickly. You can tell the metal thickness of a grill by its weight and how hard the metal feels. Try to press the grill in the middle of the hood. If it is firm to the touch and does not buckle or bend, it’s probably thick enough and of good quality.
Finish of the steel. Rust starts to appear on imperfections in the typical  metal surfaces, but this is not usually an  issue  with stainless steel. When looking at stainless steel grills, feel their surface. It should have a clean finish. It might be brushed or smooth but it has to be even.
Assembly of the parts. Stainless steel has to be properly assembled to make the most of this metal’s properties. The best stainless steel grills are those that are completely welded. This can be an expensive process, but this ensures that all pieces come together and are fastened well.
Once you find  the perfect stainless steel grill, you will need to take care of it. Keep it clean, covered and away from chemicals. Keep it away from lawn fertilizers since these corrosive agents can ruin even the highest quality grill.
24" In-Ground Post Gas Grill by American Outdoor Grill
Designed for space conscious consumers, the 24" In-Ground Post Gas Grill by American Outdoor Grill is perfect for condos, apartments and anywhere with limited space. Along with its dual side shelves, it comes with an optional rotisserie, backburner and warming rack.

56" InfraVection Standard Cart Grill with Rotiss by Solaire Grills
From an infrared burner, the 56" InfraVection Standard Cart Grill with Rotiss by Solaire Grills can easily be converted into a convection burner for InfraVection benefits. It features integral dual side burner and comes with rear infrared burner, rotisserie motor, spit, forks and counter-weight.

San Tropez Outdoor Kitchen by Outdoor Greatroom Company
Create an outdoor haven for cooking, grilling and dining with the San Tropez Outdoor Kitchen by Outdoor Greatroom Company. This whole set includes a convection grill, accessory door, refrigerator, and MP3 radio and speakers. It has a solid Supercast counter top that is accented with a Mocha natural stone look finish.