Monday, August 26, 2013

Helpful Tips in Hanging Modern Mirrors for Living Room

Mirrors just might be the most versatile wall art hanging available for living rooms. They are reflective works of art with the ability to visually change the dimensions and size of any space. They reflect ever changing images and can be used in any room with any kind of style, from French country to abstract. Properly hanging modern mirrors for living room can make a big difference in their reflection of areas and their effect on the decorating theme of your space.
First, hang your wall mirror at the proper height. Use your own good perspective and judgment, it should not appear too low or too high. People might vary in height, but a rule of thumb in hanging mirrors is to position it at the average eye level. Hang your mirrors at generally about 5 feet from the floor and it should be appropriately positioned for most people.
Hanging mirrors in your living room can visually increase the size of the space since they will reflect and expose multiple open angles and lines. Using large mirrors should add that visual dimension as well. If you are looking to increase the visual length of your room, think about hanging large mirrors on a narrow wall. To expand the width, install a large mirror or groupings of small mirrors on a long wall. These might seem pretty small move but they have a tremendous difference on how people will then perceive space.
To make your living room appear much brighter, especially if it has spacious overhangs, hang two large mirrors across from your picture window. In this position, the mirrors will multiply the natural light from the sole window and spread them throughout the room. To achieve a much brighter space, line up multiple mirrors on  your walls and watch light bounce from one to another and illuminating your space in the process. Your living room will look and feel like it was magically brought to life!
Adair Mirror by Cooper Classics
Adding style to modern décor, the Adair Mirror by Cooper Classics features an aged moss finish along with a hand-painted cream detailing. This beautiful beveled wall mirror should not only give you light and space, it will also provide you with an interesting piece of décor that you can proudly hang on your wall and show off to your guests.

Avondale Mirror by Howard Elliott
Featuring traditional styling at its finest, the Avondale Mirror by Howard Elliott features a traditional frame that surrounds a rectangular mirror. Finished with a bright gold leaf, a plain rectangular mirror has been transformed into a piece that will definitely make for a great décor mirror in your foyer or entrance hall.

Loudon In Unique Abstract Design Mirror Wall Art by Uttermost
If big is what you are after, the Loudon In Unique Abstract Design Mirror Wall Art by Uttermost should help you with that. A combination of mirror and artwork, this oversized mirror comes with an abstract design created by its frame which features a distressed bronze finish with gold undertones. This mirror is made with PU and is designed by Grace Feyock.

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