Monday, September 23, 2013

Entryway Contemporary Furniture: Organizing Tips for Foyers

The foyer is a significant part of your home, usually because this is the first thing that guests see when they enter. A disorganized entryway can reflect poorly on the rest of your house, undermining any interior design that you have worked so hard on putting together. More pragmatically, a well-maintained foyer puts in place an organizational system you can trust. This should come in handy when, for example, winter rolls around and you need to scramble to find gloves and jackets. If your foyer could be put together, here are some quick design tips that will have it looking attractive and neat in no time.
One of the most frustrating parts about entryways is that people drag snow and rain on the soles of their shoes. Combat this by filling a tray with pebbles from gardening stores. Put your shoes on these when you get in the house and the water will drain down the tray, leaving everything else untouched and looking good. Compliment this with a coat and umbrella rack like the Quatro Retro Modern Umbrella and Coat Hat Rack Stand by Adesso.

If your family tends to throw their things into the mudroom when they get home without much thought on where it is going, it might be time to implement a cubby system. Encourage everyone to put their stuff in their own cubby. This should help cut back on clutter. Plus, the kids will love the feeling like they have a space of their own. If you have limited space, go with a wall piece like the Cato Entryway Shelf by Uttermost. Otherwise, pick something that gives extra storage like the Heirloom Cherry Hall Tree with Storage Bench by Powell.

You might also want to consider installing some sort of interior mailbox system. Small metal mailboxes can be easily bought fairly inexpensive, and all you need to do is perch them to the wall with adhesive hangers. Separate the mail for every family member and put them in the appropriate mailbox. Plus, because they are made with metal, they are magnetic so everyone has a chance of decorating theirs as they like it.

Modern furniture is usually designed with some sort of minimalist simplicity in mind which is exactly what you want with your foyer. This is not the best place for lavish decorations. Do your best in keeping things simple. Because a lot of stuff is put in this place, you would not want your furniture ultimately adding to the clutter.

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