Saturday, September 7, 2013

Modern Home Lighting: The Three Main Light Effects

Today, the available choices of modern home lighting are as endless as the imagination of designers creating them. From Scandinavian, German and Italian, form and function is pretty much at the forefront of the thinking of every innovative designer, giving you every option for every situation and every room. With such choices, it has become too easy for customers to get confused, especially on the planning stage, making it very important to know before purchasing how the light works and the current setup of your rooms where you intend to change the lighting configuration.
As far as room lighting is concerned, mood also plays an important role. In every room, you may want to create various moods and effects with the use of light. There are generally three types: ambient light, accent light, and task light. Get to know more about them below.
Ambient Light
Mimicking the effects of natural light, ambient light just might be the most basic of all illumination. Ambient lamps and wall lights are softer than harsh halogen lighting, and are used to create a calming effect in the room. Just like the Duet Two Poles Extended Modern Table Lamp with Oval Base by Adesso, they are usually used in living and dining rooms, and even in bedrooms, where soft focus light for relaxation is needed.

Accent Light
The most creative of lighting options, accent light is not intended for functional use. Rather, they are used to add drama in the room by highlighting some key features, like a fireplace, a display or an alcove. Accent light is ideally used in a living room, along with ambient light to give greater flexibility, like when family and friends come to visit and one needs a higher overall light level. One example is the Garland Shade Light - Black Chrome by Artecnica.

Task Light

Task lighting emits bright and focused light that is fixed on a single position or work surface, like in a study or the kitchen where underwall unit lighting and recessed ceiling downlighters are used to directly focus on countertops and food preparation areas. In a home office or study, task light mostly takes the form of a halogen desk lamp like the Basis Desk Lamp by Kenroy Home for reading, working, or using the computer.

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