Thursday, October 31, 2013

Can I Have Both a Fireplace Door and a Modern Fireplace Screen?

The answer to this question depends on a number of things, and can be addressed if you know the difference between these two. The term fireplace door and fireplace screen are two of the most commonly interchanged terms when it comes to fireplaces. Hence, it would be helpful if we briefly tackle the respective function of each this two fireplaces. Using either one of these two can be appropriate for most fireplaces, depending on what you are looking to achieve. But installing both of them in your fireplace can have some advantage.
Reviewing the Function of a Fireplace Door
A fireplace door only serves a single function. They are installed not to serve as protective covers but to preserve the warmth or coolness of the room. During the cold months when the fireplace is used, this door prevents heat from escaping out of the chimney and wasting energy in the process. Further, during the hot summer months when air conditioning is used, the fireplace door will prevent the cool air inside the room from dissipating outside via the chimney.
What is the Function of a Fireplace Screen?
On the other hand, the modern fireplace screen is used as protective covers. As you might already know, these are mesh-type installations that are used to prevent something from passing through, except for wind or air. Even when a fine mesh is used, air will still pass through. With this said, fireplace screens are used to prevent sparks or burning embers from splashing into the living room where they can damage or even burn something. So when a fireplace is burning, the screens will have to be closed, as opposed to the doors that need to be opened.

Below are some great fireplace screen choices that might interest you.

With their primary functions along, we can already determine which one can be used for a specific purpose. If you are after energy conservation, a fireplace door would be appropriate. On the other hand, if you want to put emphasis on safety and not much on preserving energy, then a fireplace screen would be a better choice. But whichever you choose, your fireplace will be transformed into a nice and cozy place where you can lounge and keep warm in. However, if you have the budget and inclination to have the best of both worlds, why not use both?

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